proper way to ask guests to pay their own meal?

April 8th, 2010

My fiance and I are planning an informal wedding in niagara falls. We are extending invitations to our immediate family and bridal party as a pay your own way if you want to go option. We are planning a garden wedding followed by a dinner at someplace fun such as Dave and Busters. What is the proper way to let guests know (18 guests) that we would like them to pay their own dinner? Or is it altogether improper and should we pay for dinner? this is a destination wedding as we live in wesern pa. Also the wedding is 21 months away

5 Responses to “proper way to ask guests to pay their own meal?”

  1. Apple Jacks says:

    tell them after they have all finished eating their meals

    “you have to pay for that”

  2. Pyros7 says:

    For only 18 guests you should probably take care of dinner and inform them that the rest of the games at a place like Dave & Buster’s is their responsibility.

  3. SlsB says:

    sorry to say but you should pay for their dinners.

    They are coming to your wedding to celebrate your marriage, and they are traveling out of state to do so.

  4. Dena says:

    I think it’s improper to ask your guests to pay their way to a special affair that is miles away and will probably cost them a couple hundred to go. (dinner included)

  5. beth says:

    It’s improper to ask them to pay. Now that I think about it, going to Dave and Busters for your wedding dinner seems improper too.

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