Please be kind…Wedding Dress help?

April 8th, 2010

Ok, I’ve been dreading to look for a wedding dress. I have been pretty good with all the other wedding plans. I (like all other brides) want to loose some weight to fit into a smaller dress.
I have an hourglass figure, but have very big arms, and not toned at all. My wedding is in the summer, outdoor ceremony with indoor reception (with a/c)
I would really feel more comfortable wearing sleeves, every summer I wear sleeves, although thin or sheer sleeves, I very rarely wear sleevelss anything.

Anyway, someone kindly post pictures of long sleeve dresses that are not old fashion. I am in my mid twenties, so I want so something beautiful and classy. I would love to have a red sash around my waist.
BTW, I have bolero jackets and shawls, so that is definitely not an option.

Thank you
I very much like bell sleeves and poet sleeves.

mamabean, you got thumbs down for bashing on my choice of wearing red sash cause according to you it is 80’s. U shouldn’t ever put down any one elses choice. I like red you don’t
SO keep it to yourself.

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  1. mamabean says:
    this dress in GORGEOUS. personally I’d avoid wearing a red sash (thats just my taste) because the sash thing kind of reminds me of 80’s weddings, but red flowers (deep red roses) for the bouqet would be beautiful

    *lol I got a thumbs down for displaying a dress with poet sleeves? damn!*

  2. MICHAEL says:

    My advice is to go the website for David’s Bridal and select whatever from there suits you, etc. While you may perspire to a degree unimaginable in long sleeves, I am certain that the above bridal company can suit you to a tee. Best wishes as to all.

    The link is included below, hope it is of help.

  3. Kitty! says:

    I’m thinking something like the first answer – some pretty lacy sleeves would be beautiful.

  4. Cannzikka says:

    Look through the David’s Bridal website:
    Although there aren’t many initial pictures of gowns with sleeves, a good many of the strapless gowns offer a variety of lacey sleeves that can be added. Likewise, it’s quite simple to do this to any well structued sleeveless gown if you can find a good seamstress.

    (click on link, then click on ‘sleeve option’)

  5. Meh says:

    If you look at the David’s Bridal website there are usually sleeve options that you can add to the dress. When you click on a dress you like there are alternate views of the dress, and sleeve options that you can look at.

  6. Jessica S says:

    Watters has some great options and they are fairly affordable and fashion forward. Here are a few tips that can also give the appearance of a more toned arm for pics…

    Put your hand on your hip, hold your arms away from your body so they arent pressing agianst your sides…

  7. April B says:

    I suggest that you check out Jasmine Bridal. They have a section called “Temple Ready” where you can choose your gown, then order it with sleeves. Here is the link if you want to take a look.
    David’s Bridal can also add sleeves onto the gown, but I don’t think that they look as nice.
    Also, I am not sure about your budget, but you may want to check out Pronovias. They are a little bit more on the expensive side, but they have some lovely dresses with sleeves…I actually got my dress from Pronovias because I, like yourself, wanted to have my arms covered. Here is a picture of my dress…I’m not the best model, but you get the point.

  8. lc_sar says:

    Here are some that are off-the-shoulder but still have sleeves:

    (The second one has quite a few long-sleeved options).

    I can’t seem to find the link but I remember seeing a long-sleeved, floor-length lace “jacket” that you could wear over top of any wedding dress and it was stunning.

  9. cowgirlclub says:

    lacy looking sleeves will look nice. if it just your upper arms you are concerned about then just get 3/4 sleeves.

  10. JustinsWifey says:

    I really like mamabeans dress she found (The second answer!)

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