Planning a garden tea party wedding, any suggestions?

March 25th, 2010

To keep to a budget of around £6000 I want a tea party wedding in the summer. Something elegant, but a bit different too. I already know I want mismatched tea cups and crockery, and antique vases/candle holders for centrepieces. Food will be a light afternoon buffet which keeps the price down,with salad, meat fish, cheese and biscuits, a light dessert, and of course cake, maybe pretty cupcakes. Any ideas for pretty, quirky inexpensive ideas to fit in with my theme? I will have around 80 – 100 guests.

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  1. Avis B says:

    A Bride and Groom that I was associated with had a afternoon luncheon after their wedding ceremony at a garden and mansion estate on a June afternoon. All the guests were asked to “dress properly.” The reception began with a cocktail party. The cocktail area had lots of small tables and chairs while white gloved servers passed around appetizers. Unfortunately, no one expected an invasion of bees and wasps who were attracted by the orchids floating in the glass bowls on each table. So instead of the guests leisurely enjoying a cocktail before dinner they had to keep running away from buzz buzz buzz. So I caution you about putting any flowers near the food if you are going to have an outdoor reception because it could turn into an uncomfortable situation. When the wasp and bee problem was reported to the Bride’s Mother she became extremely upset because the floating orchids display on each table was her idea.

    Answered by: A Certified wedding specialist / A Professional bridal consultant / A Wedding ceremony officiant

  2. HIS! says:

    Start searching in every resale shop you can find to find the mismatched tea cups/saucers. Set a limit beforehand on what you will pay. And let these tea cups/saucers be your party favors for your guests to take with them. If not, what on earth will you ever do with 80-100 mismatched tea cups? 😉

    We actually hosted a similar wedding shower. We tried to keep the background white (table clothes) because it was less expensive to buy bulk white table clothes. Then we added bright colors in table overlays. I simply bought yardage of fabric and used iron in hem tape on the edges.

    One of the hostesses had several teapots, so we used her teapots for simple centerpieces. But we wouldn’t have bought them if she hadn’t already owned them (too expensive). Look at resale shops for vases to hold flowers. They don’t have to match. Pretty napkins can add color as well. We bought light green napkins in bulk because the color would be good with so many other colors. And we’re used those napkins since then for a baby shower that had pastels.

    I think your idea sounds lovely and I think that by looking through resale shops every week until you get what you need, you’ll be able to find some fun items for decor. I wish you the best.

  3. I love my love says:

    a friend of mine had an English garden tea for her shower 2 years ago- her aunts and mom’s from England so it was authentic! the shower favor was a wine glass, all handpainted with different flowers. she got them at a discount store, pre painted. there were margaritas and sangria, a chocolate fountain and things to dip in it, salads and other lite fare on the buffet.

  4. jennickers says:

    D’Lusso has some great tea sets that come in the cutest hat box:

    I recommend this!

  5. Jojo says:

    sounds really cute, ive always wanted something like that!
    this website has some really cute ideas

  6. Anna K. P says:

    It could be very personal depending on what your preference is..A couple of candles would definitely help to shine your pathway and outdoor corner as well. Here is some helpful resource below…

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