Outside wedding in september of 2010 need help with decorations ideas?

April 8th, 2010

I am getting married in september of 2010 it will be a outside wedding followed by a pig roast/BBQ but i am sure what i should do for decorations or wedding favors are colors are red, blue and orange. my fiance was thinking of getting pumpkins and carving are names in them but what else could i do. i am not sure what kind of flowers i should use we were also thinking of getting white lights and stringing. them around the tent so please any ideas or web sites would be great thanks and know i still have a while but i like to plan ahead and i am also planning on making all the favors and things myself

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  1. Eleanor says:

    Flowers never get outdated. Lots of red roses, maybe?

  2. pamplemousse and taco says:

    go to marthastewart.com in her wedding section she has a big thing on ideas for outdoor weddings right now. she has lots of wonderful and helpful ideas. good luck!

  3. coloradosnoflake2 says:

    instead of carving your names in the pumpkins (which could be rather tricky and time consuming) I suggest cutting just the tops off, clean them out, and put in a candle. If you cut the top small enough you can put a tealite in the top. You could also put red flowers in them.T Are you getting table linens? Go for all blue, as it will provide the best contrast with the orange/red. You can also get paper lanterns in both red/orange. A lot are battery operated if you don’t have electricity or enough outlets. They are fairly inexpensive. An idea for favors could be mini-picnic baskets filled with candy or whatever.


  4. Ava says:

    white lights are good, make sure you have guests bundle up- sometimes Sept can be chilly

    shop craft stores for fall leaf garlands, get yards of tulle and drape it elegantly around the tent, use bunches of fall foliage for the end-chairs going down the aisle use blue ribbons to tie the chair foliage, and to tie the tulle to th tent. I would reconsider blue (if its an electric blue), and go with a lighter color blue instead. I would either go baby blue, or dark navy since your other colors are red and orange.

    search for fall weddings, or autumn weddings im sure you will get TONS of ideas! 🙂 good luck and congrats!!

  5. Michelle says:

    Hi, Go to http://www.churchbows.com and have them make you red, blue and orange wedding bows to hang. They are very inexpensive and will bring your colors out. They also will make all your bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages with the flowers you want. I suggest them to all my customers. Good Luck!

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