Older Women Attractive ?

April 1st, 2010

Well I early graduated from high school and now go to Mesa Community College. In my speech class i met this wonder girl who is pretty, nice, funny, hot, and sexy. The thing is that the age difference. I’m 17 while she is 25 and she has a 6 year old child. She doesn’t seem like she is married b/c she doesn’t have a wedding ring or anything of the sort. Should I go for her ? I mean … cmon she is awesome!

9 Responses to “Older Women Attractive ?”

  1. Thepartyhat says:

    Why not? Dont ask us. Ask your heart.

  2. Zachary says:

    hit it and quit it

  3. Triple Jay says:

    Maybe if she was a little young. But you would just end up probably getting heart broken man.

    1. You’re a kid yourself. She already has a kid.

    2. At the end, she will probably just end up liking you as just a friend. You’re in two different stages of your life really.

    I remember watching this on MTV’s True Life. And this 25 year old man was dating a 42 year old( came on recently). Had a lot of conflicts.

    That’s o course if you want a relationship. If you just want a booty call, good luck I guess. Just wear a condom.

    Men who are 25 seem to date women who are 18, so I guess if the roles are reversed, it should work out. Just be aware.

  4. hey says:

    maybe you shouldnt. go for people closer to your age. 8 yrs is alot especially when your under 20.

  5. blit32 says:

    it doesn’t add up. i mean her kid is only 11 years younger than you. the math is all off, you could try, but she will probably refuse it.

  6. Backhoe says:

    go for it, it will be awesome with her

  7. miak says:

    Well find out if she’s available or not . The age difference is not that big really and if you don’t care she has a child , well go for it!

  8. Lady [AG]all good! says:

    Nothing wrong with being her friend? Do you want to be involved seriously with someone who has a child? Or are you merely looking for a physical relationship? I personally would say leave her alone. Age is a minor issue. No pun intended. But when children are involved it becomes a lot more complicated.

  9. Christopher says:

    age is just a number to me unless their two years younger than me than no I pretty much go for women that are the same age as me or just a little bit older than me because they tend to act mature,but what ever rocks your boat man just be happy and dontlisten to what other people think about it really because it you life live it the way you want to^^

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