Okay… Is this all some sort of sick joke? If not, why do they find me ‘nice’?

April 9th, 2010

8 female friends in the past 3 weeks have told me they harbored a small crush on me, another 4 have came out and basically said ‘I love you’. Both of which terrify me, even if it’s only for fear that the human species really is this stupid. I’m an arrogant asshole. I’m incredibly sarcastic, and I am very blunt; tact means nothing to me. To add to it all, I’m incredibly manipulative on a psychopathic level (Note, I am not a psychopath, though I have been told I’m extremely charming).

Yet still, 5 of them said they found me very charming, nice, sweet. Almost all of them (save one) said I was ‘the nicest guy ever’. If it’s true, then I wonder how society made it this far. All of them said that I am real easy to fall for… Which scares me because I have elected to remain single for the rest of my days (Both for reasons of myself, and because I’d feel guilty subjecting someone to my level of mind-fucks). I know at least one of them isn’t joking. The rest I’m not so sure about, but if they are, I need to know why. If they are joking, it doesn’t matter. I’ll abuse the situation to my heart’s content, make some wedding plans, maybe joke about a harem or something of the sort. If they aren’t, I have to approach the situation carefully and make sure I don’t get myself into anything weird, and first and foremost ensure that nobody gets hurt. I’m an asshole, but I’m screwed up enough without having that on my conscience.

4 Responses to “Okay… Is this all some sort of sick joke? If not, why do they find me ‘nice’?”

  1. a says:

    have sex with each one, then tell them all u had sex with other girls, n wichever stays marry her

  2. Allison M says:

    You’re a real evil bastard… who wants to make sure nobody gets hurt.


  3. neonea says:

    you know what?

    you are sweet and i fell in love with you!


    not only men are hunters, also women can act actively to get what they expect to be good for them.
    some are a bit sophisticated and imagine that you show really hard skin, but inside you are soft and you are trying to hide this. they just hope they will get into you and make you to change your behaviour because of them. some believe love can achieve everything.

    and some women just look at the visage and fall in love before they discover what is inside.

    only YOU may know what you are inside.

    many men had changed their behaviour, attitude and so on after they met the right woman.
    perhaps those women just guess they could achieve the same.

  4. bac says:

    if the girls know each other they r probably joking.

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