Okay i got bored one day and started a REAL fanfic tell me how you like Harry Potter fans?

April 11th, 2010


Chapter One: Lily’s Spell
Two kids stood at the entrance to the great hall of Hogwarts school of magic arguing.
“Potter can’t you just leave me alone?” The redheaded girl shrieked.
“Oh come on Evans give it a chance.” The Black-haired boy complained.
“No James!” She yelled. All the kids walking by were laughing at James Potter. Who was a little full of himself. And they never thought he’d be rejected, cause of his popularity and arrogance.
“What’s wrong Prongs? Can’t get the girl?” another dark-haired boy asked.
“Oh shut-up Sirius.” Hissed James.
“Lily give James a chance.” Said Sirius.
“Oh you got to be kidding me. James this is the best you can do?” Questioned Lily.
“No worries you might fall for me sometime.” James said under his breath.
“In your dreams Potter.” Lily snarled.
She walked into the great hall and looked around. The great hall had floating candles and the enchanted ceiling was the exact same as the crystal blue sky. Everyone’s voices clashed together making nothing but noise in the hall.
Lily sighed and walked to the Griffiyndor table and sat down beside her friend Michelle Transland. Michelle had black hair that came to her shoulders and piercing blue eyes.
Her complexion was extremely pale due to being the child of a vampire and human.
“Hey Michelle.” Greeted Lily. Lily reached toward some toast and pumpkin juice.
“Hi Lily.” Michelle said in between bites of breakfast ham.
“Hey Lily look it’s Snivelus.” A boy beside Lily teased. As a black scraggly haired boy walked toward the Slytherin table.
“Oh shut-up Peter.” Snapped Lily. She was referring to Peter Pettigrew who was friends with James Potter, Remus Lupin, and Sirius Black.
“Ha, ha, ha, ha.” Peter laughed and Lily stabbed her toast with a fork.
“Chill Lily it’s fine Potter’s gang is jerks and you know it.” Michelle reassured.
Lily made an angered face and ate her breakfast heatedly.
“Hey Lily,” a familiar voice called to her.
“Oh hi Remus.” She growled.
“Wow, you’re a little…”
“Quite it or else Remus.” Warned Lily.
“Fine,” He said walking toward the end of the Griffiyndor table.
“Lily chill now.” Michelle retorted.
“See you in potions class.” Lily said, slamming her fork down and storming out of the hall.
“Okay homework for tonight is to work on transfiguring your object you were given to a rose with thorns and red or white petals. Due next Monday.” Professor McGonagall instructed her class.
Lily scribbled down her homework in her planner. She finished right as the bell rang.
“Lily!” James’s voice called to her.
“Leave me alone you arrogant idiot!” Lily hollered.
She started for the dungeons for Potions class as fast as she could.
“Lily!” a different voice cried.
Lily turned around to see Severus Snape catching up with her.
“You run way too fast.” He criticized.
“Yeah sure whatever.” Lily hissed. He looked at Lily inquiringly but she ran down the rest of the old stairs and into the classroom.
Severus followed her.
Lily took a seat beside her other friend Samanthia Grengwall.
Samanthia had Silvery blonde hair and brilliant topaz eyes. Her skin was tan like but olive toned.
Her hair laid in elegant curls at her shoulders. Her eye make-up was light green and she had on lip-gloss that made her lips shine. Snape sat down beside Lucius Malfoy another Slytherin boy. Lucius’s hair was snow blonde and shoulder length. He had hazel eyes that had always creeped Lily out.
“Good morning class!” A man named Professor Horace Slughorn addressed his class.
“Good morning.” The class grumbled groggily.
“What?” he asked brilliantly.
“Good morning Professor Slughorn…” The class said louder.
“Better.” He said.
“Today we are going to learn the rights and wrongs of Potions. So get out your books please and turn to page five-hundred fifty-three,” Instructed the Professor.
Lily pulled out her new Potions book and opened the book up. She glanced up through her Brilliant red hair up at Severus and saw him trying to open his book carefully so it wouldn’t break. He came from a poor family and they could only afford a fifty-year-old hand-me-down.
His face was one of utter disgust at the book. Suddenly Lucius let out a yell of fear and Snape looked at Lucius to see a spider on Lucius’s nose. Lily noticed it was a super-poisonous spider, which was probably the only reason Malfoy screamed.
“Ah!” Lucius yelled.
Severus scooted his chair back just in time right as Professor Slughorn screamed,
“Avada Kedavra!”
Everyone froze as the words flew from his mouth.
The spider fell onto the dark table Snape and Malfoy were sitting at dead.
Lily’s breathing was fast just like everyone else’s. She sighed and her breathing relaxed.
“Okay so everyone on page five-hundred fifty-three?” Slughorn asked, as if he didn’t kill the spider.
Lily looked down at her page and saw a list of banned po
im SOOOO sorry it decided to take away half of it left! but anyway who was the headmaster whe lily went? who were the teachers? give me some spell snape and james used?

7 Responses to “Okay i got bored one day and started a REAL fanfic tell me how you like Harry Potter fans?”

  1. forever. begins. now. says:

    cool. (=

  2. confused93 says:

    You should post it on http://www.fanfiction.net if you have not already, you have to have an account first, they are free.

  3. answer my questions! says:

    the only thing i would change is half vampire half human??? just that part was stupid other then that good job i want to read more!! can u put in the rest as another question or something i want to read the next part

  4. Maggie says:

    I would like it if you put a sense of romance in the air between Lily and Snape. That’s the only reason I would read something from their past.

  5. y-mail-yuh? says:

    Needs more detal and description, it can’t be just diolouge. Try slowing down and describing what the scene s about and how they are speaking, but don’t worry. Its only your first time and for that I aplaud you, because its really good for a first time.


  6. Massie says:

    That was really good!
    Anyway the headmaster was Dumbledore and a spell that they used was called…..
    hmm idk

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