Ok i am confused?/………….

March 29th, 2010

i was at a friends wedding/valima last week and i noticed half of the girl’s side women had hijabs on (mostly married women) and the young ones didn’t even wear a dupatta. Needless to say they were shaking their butts like no tomorrow on the dance floor. It felt weird cuz im not use to this…specially in our culture. One couple i thought were married or related but at the end of the dance they were introducing themselves lol.
Oh and during the wedding when Mr. Imam was giving a speech, all the ladies had the duppatas over their heads hahaha…..just over their heads lol
Im wondering whether their parents know and dont care or they know and think its ok…….
have u seen anything like this?

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  1. Sunni Arab Palestinian Muslimah! says:

    just curious, whats a duppatas.

    @not afraid to stand alone, you can say the same thing about men, not just women.

    Thanks Salman.

  2. Salman says:

    this happens, it is pretty normal, !!

    while there is Adhan they do the same thing!!

    @Sunni Arab Palestinian Muslimah! dupatta, the clothe which covers the head!!

  3. jennie says:

    yes i have and i think some parents do let their kids have all this fun cause in these countries they have matrimonial problems so they think that religious girls are not in demand.

  4. Ninja & Ducky says:

    LOL welcome to my family!! That is exactly how they are! As soon as they hear the Quran being recited or something they quickly like a shot put scarves on their head….. 0_o

    I don’t understand this mentality nor do I like it! BUt hey some people are just ignorant! ;p hmmm in my family etc parents just seem to go along with the flow!

  5. Cupcakes! I LOVE EDWARD CULLEN! says:

    OMG so true! i hate when all the non-hijabis do the awkward ‘lemme put my dupatta up for like 4 minutes while the imam talks’ and as soon as the imam is done, their dupattas come FLYING off. oh and the dancing thing is a defo No-No for us too, so whenever the dancing starts, well IF their is dancing, we go and sit in one corner wondering our parents ACTUALLY LET THIS HAPPEN! it really shocks me that parents these days don’t say anything ! urg

  6. Karina says:

    Weddings are celebrations and non-religious people will want to dance at weddings. Also, the older generation is going to show videos of the young ones dancing to potential spouses. So there is a hidden meaning. Lots of religions have women cover their heads for prayers but not all the time, so even if it’s weird it’s not THAT weird.

  7. Milan99 Arabian Girl! says:

    It happens even in the middle east where there is suppose to be a closed culture! its sad how we don’t really follow our religion teachings:( u know those girls thata do that and call themselves Muslims all they earn is disrespect from men even if he dance with her he’d never think of her as a wife! would u marry a girl u saw dance with a guy? that is nothing to her??

  8. Bring it! says:

    Watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4jQi0Gjy3M

    When you get to 5:40 you’ll see that this is not just limited to our culture…it apparently takes place in lots of weddings.

    Yes, it’s pretty sad…the “convertible hijab” and all the other ones that Baba Ali described.

    We should make du’a that Allah guides us to the right path, and when we’re guided, we should take that path instead of disregarding it.

  9. ♥ Will you dry my tears? ♥ says:

    Oh hai! You telling me! Meh owna used to do the same! but than she started to abuse meh. Kitteh sadd ;(

  10. Islam Solution For Humanity says:

    May Peace Mercy ad blessings of Allah(swt) be on all of you.

    These sort of activities are getting very common in mostly the subcotinet weddings ( India and Pakistan).Muslim Brothers and sisters dont care of there Hijab ay more and start following the Bidah which are mainly cultural(hindu culture from the subcontinent).

    May Allah(swt) guid them to follow the path of teh Glorious Quran ad teh Sunah of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and save them from these Haram activities which decrease The Iman of a Believer.

    May Peace Mercy ad Blessings of Allah(swt) be on all of you.

  11. S4BS™ says:

    It’s normal where I live.

  12. umhuda says:

    its similar to those who come to the masjid without a hijab. We have a drawer on the ladies side full of hijabs for such women because sometimes you cannot even trust them to bring the hijab with them.

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