Need advice on flowers for wedding and reception. Are online flowers good quality?

April 7th, 2010

My wedding is on May 10th and I’m probably going to order flowers online for the bouquets and decorations (and do them ourselves). And probably gonna go local for boutonnieres and corsages. Has anyone out there done this

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  1. y2-y1 says:

    I have ordered from many times and their flowers are beautiful. They have really good prices on wedding packages also, or you can buy bulk flowers.

    Boutonnieres and corsages are really easy to make. Try your hand at them before you pay the expensive price!

  2. megank413 says:

    Friends of mine got married over the summer and ordered their flowers online. My now fiance and I couldn’t tell the difference. She got them from They were much cheaper than a florist and she didn’t say anything about them being difficult to put together. I considered doing this because it is much cheaper, but just went with a florist for the bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, etc. because I really don’t want to spend the couple nights before the wedding putting everything together and freaking out if it doesn’t turn out right. For the reception, we just went to Ikea and got a bunch of candles and mirrors and are making our own centerpieces.

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