My sister is having a garden wedding. What are some centerpiece and other decoration ideas?

April 17th, 2010

She is having the wedding in August 2010 but is hoping to make things herself to save some money. She is having the wedding at a garden and the reception inside a garden greenhouse. Her wedding colors are pink and green and she would like to keep things casual and fun. Nothing too elegant. Any ideas for decorations, centerpieces, wedding favors, etc.?

Also, since the wedding is a garden they are very strict about what can be tossed during the “rice toss.” What are some alternatives that won’t leave a mess on the ground? No bubbles please!

Thank you. Also, any links are helpful and appreciated.
Birdseed is not aloud. Neither is confetti. They suggested real rose petals (fake ones are not aloud) and bubbles but said other brides have found other clever ideas.

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  1. DigitalDiva says:

    Sounds just like my wedding! Same colors, theme, and garden wedding. We are having flower arrangements on every other table, and on the alternating tables we are having square vases filled halfway with dried split peas and a candle in the centre. I found the idea on and fell in love with it – plus, it’s very inexpensive. We are doing only half the centrepieces as fresh flowers to cut back on costs and to add a little bit of interest to the space.

    This is a photo of the centrepieces we are doing with the split peas:;_ylt=AuNbaXpFaoYFhW8k4AgWMN7ty6IX;_ylv=3

    Another idea we may use that is fun and fresh is :

  2. lisaclara says:

    The perfect a nswer to the “rice toss” is LIVE butterflies. But they are expensive. That would be perfect. Well what you could do – is just get enough for the bridesmaids and groomsmen and then just have them release one butterfly each – it would still make amazing photos. You can purchase miniature pink potted roses at any garden shop for centerpieces – they are like $5. You can pot them and decorate however you wish. Then, you put a sticker on the bottom and on the bottom of a chair at each table and the person who has the sticker gets to keep the plant. You wouldn’t want to buy them at pro flowers because they are really expensive that way and are much bigger than I’m referring to – but you can at least get an idea of what I’m referring to with that site. Any greenhouse store kind of place will sell them seasonally. If they are not in season – they will be able to suggest something that will fit your budget.

  3. April says:

    I think it’s cool that the wedding is in a garden/green house – that alone should provide a lot of nice decor.
    For the tables she can kept things really simple – maybe she can alternate; one table can have floating candles and the other table can have a vase full of gerbera daisies. The gerbera daisies come in all kinds of colors and they are inexpensive.
    You could also think about doing something like this – I think this would be perfect for the setting.

    For favors you can do packages of seeds with a cute love poem attached to it. I’ve seen a lot of people do that and they are really cute. Maybe something like this (perfect for her colors):

    As for the rice toss you could try asking if you could use bird seed – or maybe they will let you throw plant seeds…it is a garden after all. If you can clean it all up you can use confetti, but it’s a lot to clean up.

    I’m sure the wedding will turn out lovely. Just add a few nice touches – doesn’t have to be overdone. Simple can be very elegant.

  4. Joan says:

    I went to a wedding that had beautiful vases in the center of the tables filled with water, beach pebbles and exotic fish swimming in them – thought that was creative – fish are not very expensive from the pet store!

  5. Urban Engagements says:

    I would agree with the bird seeds as an alternative to the rice toss. You could also have your guest use ribboned wands and dangle them as you exit.

  6. ska120610 says:

    1st I did not have them toss anything at my wedding because i did not want bubbles either. you could always do butterflies.. check online they sell them. my husbands sister did that.. and with the garden theme that would be nice.. Just have the wedding party let them go.

    the center pieces well that could be easy too. Garden theme.. potted flowers. you could get some pots anywhere and paint them if you want to stay under a certain price.. A friend of mine planted sunflowers in a pot and grew them until her wedding day. But you would need to do one a while in advance to see how many days it takes to look the nicest. dont want dead flowers on the wedding day. Hope this helps

  7. GiddyGiddyGoin says:

    DO NOT DO BUTTERFLIES!!!!! It is cruel to keep them all cramped in a box them release them. Half of them die or are dead before they get out of the box. NOT very humane.
    Forget the tossing thing. It’s not necessary anyway.

    I would do something cute for the tables and casual. I would get come clay pots and “plant” some fake flowers in them. Decorated the pots with ribbons and those cute “picks” at craft stores like butterflies, bumble bees etc.

    Another cute idea would be to buy small watering cans now (end of season so they will be on sale) and put some fake (or real) flowers in them and tie ribbons on the handle.

  8. SiteOptimizer says:

    For favors, these “Blooming” bottle stopper are pretty neat and have pink and green colors:

    Also, these butterfly gift basket / wildflower seed packet favors are equally nice but you also get purple in addition to green and pink ones:

    If you can get away from the pink and green, calla lily themed items are very popular and you can find a wide selection of accessories and favors online. Everything from cake toppers to invitations with a calla lily theme, Here are some examples of favors:

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