Last minute cheap medium sized bridesmaid gift?

April 1st, 2010

I bought each of my 5 bridesmaids a personalized bracelet and I plan on treating them to a pedicure 2 days before the wedding. I have spend about $50 on each of them and I am pretty much AT my budget. I ordered special bridesmaids bags to put the bracelets in. I THOUGHT they were small gift bags for things SUCH as jewelry… nope! They are 4 times bigger than what I thought they were! Serves me right for not reading the description… so I feel weird just putting a little bracelet in the bottom of them and NOTHING else to take up the rest of the space. Any ideas of something CHEAP I can use to fill up the rest of the space? The bags are 10 inches high and 8 inches wide and I can’t return them… it wouldn’t be worth paying the money to ship them back. Thanks!!
Well I got them when they were still on sale for 2 for $29.99. Their not anymore. 🙁 but here is the link.|~|~|~|~|~

If you look in the lower right hand corner… it shows you them in different colors… I have/had 4 bridesmaids so I bought each of them a different color. Each of the bracelets have a virtue of some type like “wisdom” or “dream”. So when I give them their bracelets at the rehearsal dinner I plan on having a short little description of why I think THAT particular virtue fits them 🙂 I also got them engraved with their monogram initials on the front and a litte message on the back like “To my childhood friend” etc
Davidica- CANDLES!!! PERFECT!!!! If no one else suggest something good… I think I am going to go with that. THANKS!!
Maui- I don’t know about wearing them at the RECEPTION… but wearing them at the hotel the night before and when we are getting ready could be a cute idea!

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  1. ♥ Mrs. T to Be ♥ says:

    Just out of curiousity, what bracelet did you get them? I’m considering doing the same thing… Just curious which one you went with. Do you have a link?

  2. Davidica says:

    Nicely scented candle(s)

    A nice notebook/stationary with a pen

    A handkerchief

    Some of their favorite candy

    Maybe something to go along with each individual’s hobby. If one likes to paint, buy her some brushes and/or paints. The other likes to write, a thesaurus and notebook or a book on writing prompts (fairly cheap). If one really likes coffee (or all of them do), a cute mug with one of those small packages of ground coffee. Tea could work, too.

    EDIT – Lip gloss, nail polish, nail file, scented lotion/soap/hand sanitizer, an emergency kit with individual packets of otc pain reliever, antacid, peppermint, hairpins, etc…

  3. BUStudent says:

    You can do round compact mirrors, I found some that say “bridesmaid” on them. Or cute hair picks or bottles of nail polish. The dollar store would have those. You can do chap stick, like the nice kind from Burt’s Bees (the honey flavor is so nice), sometimes they sell in bulky packaging that takes up space. If the bracelet is loose, package it in a fluffy tulle bag. The Bath and Body works have specials all the time on items like travel size lotions. A craft store like Michael’s has awesome dollar bins that you can get nice items from like notebooks, bath salts, magnets, etc. Some Targets have those also, right in the front. Get things that are big too– the key is bulky but flat packaging and thoughtful/useful items.

  4. Soon to be Mrs. M says:

    Maybe get some inexpensive blank photo albums or journals also?
    Walmart has some nice jewelry boxes that aren’t too expensive. Maybe get some small ones that just hold rings and bracelets?

  5. Kiera says:

    what about a nice frame with a picture of the two of you (if you have a picture with each of them seperately) or a group picture of all of you together. Something like that. Go to a store like target, or bed bath and beyond, or marshalls. Marshalls actually has great selection when it comes to home things. Home Goods is a good place as well, or pier one.

  6. Maui says:

    Nice silk slippers so the girls have something comfy to wear at the reception.

  7. kbk823 says:

    Flip flops that match the color of the bridesmaid dresses, for the reception. Old Navy ones were 2 pairs for $5, and come in a huge selection of colors.

  8. Kayla B says:

    I got mine jewelry from and they loved it. Good luck.

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