Just engaged – want to incorporate scrabble some how.. any ideas?

April 21st, 2010

I just got engaged about a week ago and my fiance proposed to me on our scrabble board. Scrabble is very personal to us we play all the time. it’s our favorite game. So it was soo creative and sweet i would like to incorporate it some how in our 2009 wedding plans. Besides a cake does any one have any other ideas that i can use …. decorations favors anything – thanks

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  1. The Thriftmaster. says:

    use scrabble boards as reception centerpieces and use it as entertainment.
    like this: http://offbeatbride.com/2008/11/lisa-teris-fancy-neo-victorian-parlor-wedding#more-1418

    and look at this! edible scrabble pieces! http://www.iwantoneofthose.com/chocolate-scrabble/index.html

    good luck!

  2. Jessica H says:

    invitations!!! if you want more formal invitations, you can just do the save the date cards with scrabble theme.

    Name cards on the tables

    get creative with the centerpieces.

    there are a lot of ways, but it will take away from the elegance and formality if you choose to, thats not a bad thing though. By using scrabble letters whereever you can, it will make your wedding a lot of fun! even your photographer might be able to use scrabble letters on the front of your album

  3. Emilee Trista is here 10/6/08 says:

    See if they have Scrabble invitations or make them. Congratulations.

  4. cool_mo_me says:

    maybe you could incorporate it some kind of way at your bridal party before the wedding…maybe scrabble-like decorations. or if you do a video for your wedding, you could use scrabble-looking graphics in the video. also, you know how at weddings, people normally throw rice or bird seeds at the bride and groom? maybe you can have some kind of safe scrabble like letter chips that wouldn’t hurt if thrown at you. Maybe a scrabble-themed cake, or scrabble themed wedding announcements or invitations. a scrabble themed guest book for wedding guests to sign.

  5. DJ says:

    Send one Scrabble tile to everyone on your invitation list (or send a handful of tiles to just your bridal party). When they show up to the reception or to the rehearsal dinner, allow them to place their tiles on a game board try to spell something.

  6. stephhaaniex3 says:

    spell out some main words in the invitations with scrabble pieces

  7. djembeka says:

    congrats! instead of a cake, if you do wedding cupcakes, see if they can put a letter on each of the cupcakes when they make them.

    you could incorporate it into your invites, as well, have the background set up as a scrabble board, and the wording spread out on the board itself, it would certainly be original!

  8. shihtzulover123 says:

    Use scrabble boards as your table centerpieces. Photo copy your board and then shrink it down and make copies, make tiles of card board use them as place cards put the rest of the tiles, to complete a set, in a bowl in center and allow guests to play after eating if they choose, or make the dance floor look like a scrabble board or both. Make ” tile holders” of cardboard and place with bigger tiles that spell your names on the sides of the dance floor.

  9. snorkweezl says:

    Place cards for the table! Spell everyone’s name out in Scrabble letters at the tables (as a fun twist on the bouquet toss, you could give the bouquet to the first name that nets the highest word score, or to whomever can net the highest word score with a word made from their name). Fun!!

  10. Cassidy says:

    for a seating chart you could set it up like the scrabble letters of their names on the place they will sit. your invitations the calligraphy could be scramble letters.on the card/money box you could write something, the guest book they could sign with scrabble stickers. favors you could put scrabble magnets that say i love you or something in little boxes. thank you cards could be scrabble. so much to do with that theme. the girls dresses could be champagne with a brown sash reminds me of scrabble colors. very very cute theme.

  11. Barbara B says:

    Design the wedding invitations and programs etc. to look like a scrabble board

    Have scrabble games on the tables for people to play during the reception

    See if they make mini take along scrabble games for favors or have shortbread cookies made up to look like scrabble tiles for favors – tie up a couple of scrabble tile cookies in netting for favors.

    incorporate scrabble tiles into the centerpieces and your wedding bouquet

  12. Completely in love.... says:

    What about using scrabble letters to spell “THANKS” or “THANK YOU” on the top of little boxes to put your favors in. I know they make some mini travel size games. Maybe if they make it in Scrabble you could use them as centerpieces like someone else had previously said. Cute idea!! Congratulations and Good luck!

  13. blondcutie_4_life says:

    mini scrabble boards that say thank you …or put it in the invites…like a scrabble invite since thats how he proposed(how sweet btw)… you can just about do anything with a scrabble type stuff……….neways congrats

  14. HIS! says:

    Have you seen this?



    If you have a local on-line “garage sale” site where you can put free ads, you might ask for used scrabble games to use for table decorations. Even if you can get some good letter tiles, or a interesting gameboard, it would be worth it.

  15. sunflower16 says:

    How cute! I would choose a couple of ideas and then let it be at that – you don’t want to go overboard. Here are a few I thought of right away:

    -Save-the-dates (if you’re sending them). Use the graphics to spell out “Save the Date” and then the wedding date also on the blocks.

    -For your centerpieces, make large size letters to “number” each table. They could spell out “JUST MARRIED” or something similiar based on how many tables you use.

    -Guest book: Let your guests sign a scrabble board in place of the usual guest book or matted picture frame. This could easily be displayed in your home later. Try out different markers so your sure they will show up well.

    Good luck, have fun with it 🙂 Guests love those personal touches that set your wedding apart.

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