I’m trying to make a wedding shower guest list. My fiancee has a few co workers he would like to invite?

April 15th, 2010

should I invite those woman at his office to my shower? I’ve only met them 1 to 2 times or a few ive never met. What is the wedding shower etiquette to inviting other halfs co-workers
My fiancee is inviting other co-worker to the wedding. He is very close to the 3 women we are debating on inviting to the shower. One is his boss the other are two older women he has been working with for years ive only met them a few time at christmas parties and what not … they are all very nice and he says the constantly as about me. I just feel as im kinda begging for gifts by inviting ppl that arent relatively close to me

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  1. smirky_eyes says:

    Well, it depends….. Do you like them?
    do they make you feel comfortable?

  2. Tina says:

    Is the shower going to be co-ed? If so then invite those woman only if you fiancee likes them

  3. pawn86 says:

    Yes, you should invite them. If they know that your fiance’ is about to get married, they will want to give you both a gift and they should get the opportunity to do that at your shower. They may feel more comfortable giving a gift at a shower than to your fiance’ at work. You should be eager to invite them and to make friends with your other halves co-workers. They spend a lot of time with him too. Are they invited to the wedding? They should be.

    You can give the invites to him to take to work to hand out or you can go to his place of employment and hand out the invites yourself or have those that are giving you your shower take the invites to your fiance’ work to give out. You do have choices, but you should invite them. Have fun and congratulations on your wedding.

  4. foxygurl says:

    In my opinion, the bride’s wedding shower should only consist of the bride’s friends, bridesmaids, select female relatives from each side of the family (mom and mom-in-law included). Because some of the activities in a bridal shower can include some heartfelt speeches from those who are really close to you, some showers involve antics which you might be embarrassed to share with outsiders. And generally, it’s YOUR shower, you would want to have a relaxing and special time with your special people.

    So if you’re not really close friends with your groom’s co-workers then they really shouldn’t be there. It can be awkward for them and/or for you.

    Just invite these other ladies in the actual wedding.

  5. Myth_Understood says:

    In a marriage, you have to make choices based on what is best FOR THE MARRIAGE.

    I think it would show your husband that his opinions matter and that his feelings matter if you would be gracious and invite them. The more, the merrier.


  6. Maggie says:

    So this wedding shower is just for you or for both of you? Because if it is only for you I don’t see the point of inviting people you don’t really know. Also they wouldn’t really know any of the other guests, making it uncomfortable for them as well.

  7. PugMom says:

    Is your fiance going to be a the shower? If so, ten it would be ok to invite them, if not then definitely no, they should not be invited to the shower, just the wedding.

  8. C says:

    Is this a bridal shower (women only) or a wedding shower (men and women invited)? Traditionally showers are only for immediate family and close friends. If it is women only dont invite people you arent close to. If he is close to these women and he is coming to the shower then yes invite them. And invite the other coworkers if you think they might be upset or feel left out.

  9. *Miss_Autumn* says:

    Unless you are close friends with his co-workers, they don’t attend. The shower guests are a small group of women whom you are very close to.

    If his office wants to throw a shower for both of you, they can do that and invite you as well as him as the guests of honor. But this particular shower, he doesn’t have a say in and his co-workers shouldn’t attend unless you are good buddies with them already. It sounds like you aren’t so I wouldn’t worry about it.

  10. kill_yr_television says:

    Traditionally, a bride is not involved in planning or giving a shower other than attending as Guest of Honor and writing prompt thank you notes. Traditionally, a shower is rather like a surprise birthday party in that it happens spontaneously, when a group of the birthday person’s friends decides to give that birthday person a party. So your feeling of being incorrect is the right feeling. If people have expressed interest in showering the bride with gifts, it is gracious for someone to volunteer to act as host and organize the group into a party. It is incorrect to have someone act as “promoter” and try to create such a group where none exists. If the wedding guest list is being “mined” to create a guest list for the shower, that is a good indication that the shower should not be taking place.

    Is this a Jack and Jill shower, or a bridal shower? If this is a Jack and Jill AND your FH sees these people socially on occasions that have nothing to do with work AND these people have expressed a desire to shower him with gifts, then it is OK to invite them.

    Please get your information about showers from some etiquette centered source like Miss Manners or Emily Post. Sources associated with The Wedding Industry are filled with myths and misinformation as their purpose is to sell stuff, not to tell you what is or is not correct.

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