I’m planning a Vegas themed bridal shower…need ideas!?

April 21st, 2010

My best friend is getting married in Vegas so we thought it would be fun to have a themed shower. I need some ideas for decorations, games, prizes, favors, food…anything you can think of. I don’t want it to be cheesy or expensive, and I am very crafty so I don’t mind things I have to do myself. I am planning on checking out the party store and craft store. Thanks in advance!

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  1. scott d says:

    o i hope you have a good time sweetie

  2. danielromero60 says:

    Party favors ideas dice, cards, casino items…etc.

  3. mlpluvsya says:

    They sell chocolate that is foiled in poker chips….really cute!

  4. Drew Blood says:

    Get some flashing white Christmas lights to hang up inside along the ceiling and the wall! Get some Burt Bakarak, Wayne Newton, and some other famous “lounge singer” songs to play. Mix up some Cosmo’s in martini glasses! Get a poker table or roulette table and play some games! And if you’re a fun crowd, hire a stripper! Male OR female! Chances are though, you all might have more fun with a female stripper! Beyond that, try going to Vegas! Can’t beat that! Plenty of cheap places to stay if you all split the room! Southwest has some amazing deals too! And if you all play your cards right, drinks will be either on the house or on the cute guys wanting to buy them for you! An entire weekend wouldn’t cost more than $300 -$400 per person!

  5. ARACELI T says:

    look on line girl

  6. ladylisolette says:

    Games – You could have gambling stations set up. As people come through the door, they pick up a bundle of fake cash to gamble with. The person with the most money at the end of the night, gets some kind of prize.

    Food wise – prepare a small buffet of items.

    Decorations – Anything purple and gold or red and black.

    Prizes – Massage gift certificate, games, themed gift baskets (one could be candy, relaxation, treasure chest and so on)

    Possibilities are truly endless…..I hope this helps with some ideas….Good Luck!

    I also found this site with poker jewelry…these could be some of the prizes…http://www.evilkid.com/store/new/all.php?type=jewelry&page=1

  7. olandressgirl says:

    Play wedding bingo but use words like elope, chapel, casino and so forth.
    Also buy tissue and have you girls get into groups and create wedding dresses out of the tissue and model it for the bride she can choose the best one.
    Who ever can unscramble the words first can win a prize(I used the brides name and the grooms and so forth) Use words like black jack, roulette, poker, and so forth to stay within the theme
    For my food I had shrimp, salad, fruits, lil hot wings because the bride loved it and her favorite which is pizza
    Decorations I used her favorite colors and got colored plates from walmart for like 50 cents! That was a steal. Also you can go back to their wedding section where there is alot of stuff just for this occassion is is located in the craft section. Buy a little slot machines from somewhere like dillards and strategically place them around the room
    Prizes can be playing cards, a poker game, bubble bath, candles. Personally I hit up victoria’s sercret (that 5 for 25 and 30 deal) and dollar tree for all my prizes.

  8. ms. teacher ft says:

    Use dice as part of your theme–definitely! Maybe you can give out decks of cards as the favor for the shower, as well.

    You could buy cheap plastic poker chips (you can find cheap plastic ones at any toy store or a Walmart/Target) and then get a paint pen. Use the chips as place markers by writing people’s names on them.

    Maybe you can play “V-E-G-A-S” instead of Bingo–where each person at the party gets a list of all of the things purchased off of the bride’s registry, then they fill in their “VEGAS” board (instead of using B-I-N-G-O at the top of each column) with the gifts in any way they want. The first person to get VEGAS will win a prize–it can be scratch off lotto cards or a dice shaped keychain or something that would remind you of Vegas.

    Maybe you can make her a little headpiece, using a headband and some hot glue, with dice, cards, chips, fake money and things like that.

    Sounds so fun! Great idea for a theme.

  9. merlot says:

    Ok!!! I had a Vegas themed shower 5 years ago. Here is what we did:

    Cut outs of slots, chips, cards hung up in the hall

    Cake was white sheet cake trimmed in red/black. Fake money was fanned out under it, along with pl;aying cards. It said “Two of a kind” on it in red and black. Dice, cards and fake cash decorated the table.

    Centerpieces were champagne buckets with shimmery basket filler and a bottle of champagne (raffled it off at each table later)

    Lottery tickets were the favors. Chocolate poler chips were on the tables too.

    We did not register for gifts. We asked for gift cards so that we did not bore people with opening gifts. Instead, we went to a comedy club and hired a comedian to entertain for 1 1/2 hours.

    EVERYONE loved the shower. I still get people commenting on it every now and then. Good luck!!

    Oh. If yuo do hire someone, make sure hte hall you rent has a caberet license. Otherwise they may not let you have an entertainer.

  10. Kristi C says:

    I think you’ve got enough ideas on food & games, I’m leaving you some sources where you can buy stuff or get inspired…

    Good Luck & have a blast with this!!!!

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