I need your opinion and your advice on this situation?

April 10th, 2010

Well, I’ve been talking to this lady over the internet, she never said her age, but judging from the pictures, she’s probably around 30-35… I am 18 years old, and apparently it seems that she likes me, looks at me sexually I mean. She wrote me a message saying “why did you say you only date girls your age, that’s really immature, I thought you were mature, I am looking for an evidence for your maturity, but I can’t seem to find any”

Now, I wrote back saying ” well, from now on I am dating grandmas!
What’s wrong with me dating girls around my age? I can’t be dating someone who’s for example 10 years older than me, I mean seriously…”

After this she attacked me how I insulted EVERY woman on earth that is older than me, by saying that grandma stuff…

But that was just a figure of speech, like for example if someone says to you ” why do you read those books so much man?” with a reply ” Oh ok, I will stop reading this great mind stimulating stuff and from now on I will only play video games and do nothing else…” Or you could say another 7218397123 examples…

I never meant to insult anyone, I respect women, I especially respect older women, but I never wanted to do anything wrong… She started insulting me like crazy, I apologized to her, but she kept bringing it up…

I know this is just the internet and it happened over the internet, but I really feel bad about this, I don’t want to be seen as a bad person, I really don’t, I tried my best to explain this to her over and over, but she just kept making me feel wrong… =[

She also said she didn’t feel insulted…

Did I make a mistake? I don’t think I did, plus she’s a 35 year old who doesn’t even have a husband or boyfriend, and when I asked her why she doesn’t have one, she gave numerous narrow minded reasons, she’s just too picky….

I will block her, she shouldn’t be talking to a person this young, and neither was I ! But she was nice at the beginning and I always treat people with respect, didn’t know she was into me, plus over the internet… I mean seriously….

So, did I make a mistake? If I did then I am terribly sorry =[

I am not a native English speaker either…

3 Responses to “I need your opinion and your advice on this situation?”

  1. Live in Color. says:

    To me it seems like you already know your answer.

    However, in my opinion you technically did nothing wrong you probably just hurt her feeling a bit.

  2. ? says:

    I don’t think you made a mistake at all, she might be a bit touchy or sensitive, maybe her sensitivity is why she really doesn’t have a husband/boyfriend.
    I don’t think you did anything wrong at all and have no reason to be sorry.

  3. Jenley says:

    You must be such a nice person to be so worried about something like this haha
    But honestly, you shouldn’t feel at fault at all
    It’s not like you were being mean by having your own preference, and even if her feelings did get hurt, it’s definitely not your fault that she doesn’t have an easy-going sense of humor

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