i have to give a narrative speech?

April 17th, 2010

Can you guys help me out? am i on the right path for a narrative speech? worried!!

Hey guys..my name is amber, and ill be 21 in a month..and i work in customer service dealing with mean customers everyday.. This January will be my 6 year anniversary with my boyfriend who i met my freshman year of high school..this is my third year of college, my first year i took interior design and decided it wasn’t for me so i switched to medical assisting because ever since i was little kid if anyone got hurt i was always the one running to get the band aid and checking out the cut or w/e thinking how cool it was and that i just wanted to make them feel better. i love the fact that i will get to deal new patients everyday.

can someone help me structure this more? and help me when a conclusion statement? that would be great ! thanks

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  1. Miss Marketing says:

    This doesn’t qualify as a narrative speech.
    Go to this website for a good outline of a narrative speech.

    A narrative speech is a story with a lesson. Try to focus on one topic. In the exaple on the link I gave you the guy is talking about underage drinking and the consequences. You could talk about teh struggles of deal with mean customers but in the end you learn that is more important to be nice.

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