22 Responses to “I have a Coke logo tattooed on my tool and my girl has a Pepsi logo tattooed on her crotch?”

  1. manamil@verizon.net says:

    50000 and good lck

  2. bunnykillerv says:

    Apparently you are mentally unstable.

  3. bronzed beauty says:


    So basically, you rock.

  4. Sturrific says:

    Hate to inform you, but it has already been done.

  5. bulletsilver159 says:

    kind of a weird question. i dun think tha soda company would want that type of sponsership but mayb another type of company would 0.0

  6. loadinyamouth h says:


  7. goldanclover says:

    Ohhhh, ur special!! but thanks for the points

  8. xOhEaRtBrOkEnOx says:

    they will all be blurred out unless its a sex channel

  9. Dusty says:

    Yea…and your both a couple of Kool Aid drinkers.

  10. Mrs. M says:

    Excuse me I was laughing so hard I couldn’t type…YOU ARE JOKING …RIGHT ?!!!

  11. Sausage Fingers says:

    I have “Diet” tattooed on my crank and it sure was cool watching it transform from Regular to Diet Pepsi.

  12. Beccygirl says:

    Doubt that they would pay for that!

  13. demon_curtain says:

    ok, you have fun with that

  14. fashionista says:

    you both need help its a great thing your both together. somehow i don’t think its going to be as successful as Pam and Tommy’s video,but good luck anyway

  15. up4itxxx69? says:

    no idea, but if your for real thats funny as hell and should get sponsered, good luck!

  16. Sweetie says:

    well, considering that it can’t be on the basic channels that little kids can see, not much. pepsi and coke won’t want to advertise on the channels that do allow nudity since they don’t have as big of an audience.

    perhaps you could get one on a pg rated part of your body

  17. J.D. says:

    ask them to pay for your stay in the mental health hospital

  18. emank says:

    no one wants to see that

  19. smash_mouth_man2003 says:

    sweet, a lot of money hopefully

  20. zether says:

    pretty stupid

  21. Mash says:

    Well its amazing creativity!!! I must say you are going to be a multimillionare soon. Dont publise this idea here, i am sure a lot of people are going to copy this and then you will lose out on the sponsorship. Maybe you patent the idea!

  22. superdink_dotcalm says:

    I laughed then I realized you’re woman is on the wrong team. Dump her and find a woman who shares your love of coke. Then when you try the sponsorship thing it won’t be conflicting in any way.

    P.S. I have a tattoo on my anus that say Faygo.
    I’m kidding… the tattoo on my a$$
    says Xavier Roberts… I tell people I’m a cabbage patch kid who grew up. 😉

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