I had sex before marriage?

September 30th, 2017

I’m a Muslim girl. The worst one apparently, and I’ve had sex before marriage, including anal. I am so sorry for doing it, and I know I can’t change it back. But I regret it so much, I started praying 5 times a day, like I should. I’m also trying to learn to read to Koran. And I’m saving up money to go to Hadj and ask for forgiveness there. I’m so terrified I’ll burn in hell forever. I want to go to heaven to meet out lovely prophet (saw). But I’m afraid I messed it up. I’m truly so sorry, I regret it so much, and I ask Almighty Allah to forgive me, every day. But I’m afraid he won’t, even though he is the most forgiving. I can’t think straight anymore, and I cry about it every time I think about it. I’m trying to become a better Muslim. But what if that’s not enough. Another bad thing about me, is that I have tattoos. I heard they’re makruh, instead of haram. So I thought it would be okay. (My younger sister’s friend’s father is Imam, and he said it’s Makruh. His son (my sister’s friend), is going to get one on his back). Can someone please help me out? I am truly sorry for what I have done. And I would do anything to make it up with Allah.

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  1. JK says:

    You involved a major sin, I ask allah to forgive you. If I come back your question,you have options and prayer door is open ,I am glad you are learning your mistakes first. The most important thing to do after you happened sin is to
    Realize that you made something wrong after that you need to ask allah to forgive you and regret what you have done before . The third thing you should do it not to do same sin after you asked allah forgiveness. If I remind you there is hadith saying,that allah said ,all of my creations make mistakes but the best one is the one who come back his /her mistakes and ask allah forgiveness,

  2. Jennifer B. says:

    “Atheists can stay out”. I wasn’t going to respond until I saw this – freedom of speech and all.

    Allah doesn’t exist, so you can stop being worried about trivial things. Live your life. It’s the only thing you truly have so why waste it on worrying about whether a non-existent being is going to be OK with you?

  3. rebekah Jain says:

    Perhaps, you should come to the friendlier side and ask Jesus for forgiveness.

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