i am planning my own wedding?

April 2nd, 2010

hi, i am planning my wedding to be a backyard one nothing formal just enough to marry my fiance in front of loved ones then have a BBQ dinner after wards. i was wondering if anyone hand any ideas on some decorations and food to serve i have decided on a few finger food ideas but am still stumped….. PLEASE HELP ME
and no, nobody has any allergies or dietary restrictions?

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  1. Sofa King says:

    Does anyone on your guest list have allergies or dietary restrictions?
    Decoration wise, I’d suggest huge galvanized tin buckets from Target to hold drinks and ice.
    Try oriental trading for cheap favor ideas, they have a whole wedding section!
    Chicken, steak, vegetables, beans, chips, dip, and stuff for shish-kabobs.

  2. almarj70 says:

    String some fairy lights in the trees or scatter some tiki torches around the yard

    Appoint a friend or relative to be chef. dress them in a big white apron.

    Have a buffet with several salads to choose from, some sliced crusty bread and (if the budget stretches) some seafood like shrimp and oysters (make sure you keep them cool)

    Have some chips, dips and antipasto type platters on the tables when guests sit down that they can much on while they are waiting for the food to cook. Have glasses and jugs of water with lots of ice and jugs of your favourite punch on the tables as well

    Lanterns on the tables instead of candles so they wont be blown out by the wind or guests 🙂

    Have plenty of napkins and cutlery

  3. dancingincircles says:

    i’ve been thinking about my future wedding, and my biggest inspiration thus far has been from the last episode of seaon 2 of desperate housewives. chinese lanterns hung everywhere, with a cute awning. totally diy-able and classy still!

    as far as food…since it’ll be bbq, i think you just gotta stick with what you’d normally make and throw in some fanciness with fruit, cocktails, and a beautiful wedding cake!

  4. Kerenne says:

    1. Take good care of the garden. If there’s time enough, plan carefully so that the flowers in the garden will be in full bloom on your big day. Then you won’t have to decorate so much.
    2. If the ceremony/reception will be after dark, dig the attic for Christmas lights that you can place in trees or shrubs in your backyard.
    3. If you have a nice sturdy tree in your backyard, attach a nice, romantic looking swing on one of the appropriate branches. If you have enough time, you can grow some flowering vines around the ropes that will later hold the swing. It will blend with your backyard.

    1. The idea of finger foods is really great because that means you won’t have to borrow or buy or use much spoons and forks.
    2. Instead of the traditional sheet cakes, have a cupcake type of wedding cake. They’re more “finger food” than sliced sheet cakes.
    3. Fried chicken is one of the easiest things to make. Drumsticks are the best part because you can cover one end with a foil or napkin so the guests can hold that and eat without dirtying their fingers much.
    4. Sandwiches are great too. You can have the dressing or spread prepared a few days before, to cut down on the amount of food preparation you will have on the day.
    5. Fresh fruits cut into bite size are wonderful. Just remember however, that there are fruits that turn dark quickly, such as apples and bananas, so you might want to avoid them.
    6. Even with finger foods, to avoid monotony, plan your menu carefully so that there will be variety: soft, hard, sweet, salty, sour, cold, hot, dry, wet, etc.

    Finger Food Ideas:
    Sandwiches, cookies, chips, muffins, pocket pies, sushi, spring rolls (fried, fresh, etc.), sliced fruits, open sandwiches, chicken ala king, kebabs, tacos, pizza, fruit tarts…

  5. thedreamweaverwolf says:

    I love roll ups you add cream cheese or something like that even mayo or mustard to a tortilla and layer on anything you want lunch meat cheese spinach tomato the sky is the limit you roll it and slice it

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