How to plan a surprise 25th wedding anniversary party in a week?

April 4th, 2010

I have already posted this in Food and Entertainment, but I think it may get more answers here. Sorry it’s so long, but I thought the more details the better.

Originally we offered my fiance’s parents an all inclusive trip to the Bahama’s, and they declined. I was a little taken aback, but have been searching for the perfect gift for about a month. Their daughter, Vanessa, decided that we should throw them a party. The problem is she decided this on Thursday night, and wants to have the party next Saturday. I understand her reasoning, the two have a weekend off together about every three months, so it would be hard to make it a surprise without having it sometime in June.

So, the plan is we decorate their basement while they are out to dinner and a movie, and serve snacks and such to the guests when they arrive.

So, I’m in need of some decorations that don’t require more than and hour to decorate at least the basement which is about 1200 square feet. Note – They have absolutely no family photo’s from over 5 years ago due to a fire.

I also need some recipes for awesome appetizers that will please everyone. I can’t use any type of seafood, because his mother won’t eat it or anything it touches. She claims she is allergic, but her mother says she isn’t. I have a recipe for a cake that I’m planning on making, but any decorative ideas for it would be helpful. Even the couple is unsure how their wedding cake looked, so I can’t take that route.

Also, if anyone knows of a website that will be able to ship cute 25th anniversary decorations to me, in Michigan, in less than 5 days, that would be great.

I’m very stressed out about this. I searched for some decorations today, but wasn’t able to find any. I thought that I would have better luck, but I couldn’t even find silver/gray plates or napkins. 🙁
l know I can’t expect a miracle, but I still want to make it special for them.

Note – Using the list that his mother gave me for the wedding, and my a little help from Vanessa I have already called about 45 people, 32 of which said they will definitely come, 3 maybe’s, and I have 11 more phone numbers to call tomorrow. Estimated guest count is 65 His family is very close, and everyone goes to everything. If I didn’t invite all of them than undoubtedly I would offend them all. You should see their thanksgiving.

We have a budget of $900. However, I ordered the liquor and beer today, so I only have $625 left.

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  1. Red Rocket says:

    you get off of here and get busy

  2. Michelle says:

    You need to get busy!!! Here are some anniversary party ideas:

    A bit of a planning overview:

    All the best, sounds like you will be busy!!

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