How to Mobile DJ : Mobile DJ: Wedding Songs Not to Play

March 28th, 2010

Mobile djs ask the bride and groom which wedding songs they do not want played. Know what songs not to play when mobile djing with tips from a professional DJ in this free music video. Expert: Marvelous Marvin Boone Contact: Bio: Marvelous Marvin Boone has been a fixture on Tampa Bay area radio for nearly 30 years. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

10 Responses to “How to Mobile DJ : Mobile DJ: Wedding Songs Not to Play”

  1. sfbsmith1 says:

    I completely disagree with this one Marvin. It is unprofessional to put this onus on the bride or groom. I tell them “I will do my best to play it but I can’t promise anything.” This usually satisfies them enough that they go away and usually don’t return. Suddenly the night is over and you have honored what the bride & groom have asked and you did not throw them under the bus.

  2. Deke100 says:

    I just tell em’ to “Go Away… do I come to your job and tell you how to sweep the floor?”



    mr robato hahahaaahahahahahaahahaa sooo funnyyy =]

  4. Activethrasher00 says:

    depends on the event really. some more upscale events where only one drunk idiot is gonna rock out to mr roboto or the chicken dance there is no reason to send that person to the bride to ask lol.

  5. Soundofthetimes says:

    I just tell them its on the Do Not Play list. I don’t send them to the bride.

  6. producerben says:

    Gee….Uhh can you run that by me again. I just don’t get it boss!!

  7. directsound says:

    I feel your there for the Brides nights and to play to her wishes but we all do it different is just a thought… there are different was to say it but I wouldnt play it or bug the bride if they go on there own to them ,,fine but I would never send them to her..

    thanks for the feedback,

    DJ Mikey Mike

  8. hippydog says:

    sorry I agree with Marvin..
    telling a guest you dont have or didnt bring a hugely popular song just makes you look stupid..

  9. doggam77 says:

    just stick with the basics

  10. directsound says:

    Never put the Bride in a bad spot at her wedding Just dont play it!!
    Tell them you didnt bring it for that fact alone even if you have it in your case

    DJ Mikey Mike

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