How to Mobile DJ : Mobile DJ: Planning a Wedding Reception

March 24th, 2010

Arrange to meet with the bride and groom to plan the music for the reception. Set up a meeting before the reception when mobile djing with tips from a professional DJ in this free music video. Expert: Marvelous Marvin Boone Contact: Bio: Marvelous Marvin Boone has been a fixture on Tampa Bay area radio for nearly 30 years. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

3 Responses to “How to Mobile DJ : Mobile DJ: Planning a Wedding Reception”

  1. bluebeard2 says:

    Basically, yes.

  2. soryy708 says:

    so basicly a DJ must lick asses?

  3. janicepeyton says:

    You know your stuff – this is great material. I’d add that when the couple look at you and want to know ‘the rules’ for weddings (first dance, parents etc),set them at ease. Sure, there are typical things done and you want to share that but whatever they end up deciding to do or not do, simply becomes part of wedding lore and added to the rich tapestry that is a Wedding reception. Take the pressure off them and let them know that are creating a new tradition all their own. No Rules, No Pressure

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