How much did you spend on all your wedding flowers (Bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, ceremony, reception)?

April 21st, 2010

I’m trying to budget my wedding so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!
I forgot to add centerpieces too!

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  1. kinkykkk says:

    At the moment mine is sitting at £360, but that is including 3 big bunches of flowers to the mothers and my nan which totals £75.

    Mine isn’t including centrepieces but i do know that floral centrepieces cost app £15 each.

    so for 360 i am getting

    my bouquet
    bridesmaids bouquet
    2 flowers girls metal mesh bags
    1 long and low for top table
    2 mother corsages
    5 mens corsages
    3 bouquets for parents etc.

    hope this helps

  2. Elaine S says:

    4 Bridesmaids
    4 Buttonholes
    10 table displays (which included 3 tier plates with tea lights)

  3. Blue says:

    $5,600.00 total (incl. tax and delivery). My flowers are pretty elaborate, and include tall candelabras for the centerpieces, a lot of candles, two pillars with arrangements at the ceremony (which the church makes us leave, which is annoying!), and a toss bouquet. I am also having a lot of stargazer lilies, hydrangeas, and roses (not the cheapest flowers, but not as expensive as the exotic ones). You didn’t mention what types of centerpieces you were looking for, or what type of flowers you like – that has a LOT to do with the price. (our centerpieces are $200/table, plus the head table arrangements) If you are trying to keep it cheap, stick with local/in season blooms that are in your colors!

    Whatever you are looking for, pick the budget you can afford, and find flowers and arrangements in that price range. Make sure you give that to the florist before seeing any mock-ups/samples. . . don’t fall in love with something 2x your budget!

    Good luck, hope this helps!

    edit: Also includes the cake stand made of flowers and some garland and flowers adorning the outside stairs/entrance to our venue.

  4. SirenSong says:

    It depends on where you are located as to what the prices are. The ladies on the local boards at can give you a ballpark range for your area but you really do need to call florists where you are getting married for price quotes and shop around for the best deal.

  5. nova_queen_28 says:

    We are spending just under $700 for Black Magic Roses, and Burgundy & White Carnations with some lily of the valley in the brides bouquet and on the grooms corsage and less costly baby’s breath on the others.
    We are not having floral centerpieces just the following:
    Brides bouquet, cascade. MOH bouquet, cascade smaller than brides. Toss bouquet. 3 bridesmaids bouquets. 1 Grooms boutonniere, 4 Groomsmen bouts, 2 Dads bouts, 2 moms corsages, 2 godmothers corsages, 1 godfathers bout, carnations arranged in a basket (already bought by bride) for flowergirls, 3 ushers bouts, 3 small corsages for readers. And we are having 2 medium sized vases for the church.

  6. jellybeancounter says:

    Your budget will depend on a lot of things like how many bouquets, centerpieces, etc., how big they’ll be, the type of flowers you want to use, your location and the season.

    I had 1 bridal bouquet, 5 BM bouquets, 12 centerpieces, a wedding arch, some corsages, bar decorations and the bouts were thrown in for free. I wound up spending $3,600. I got married in the summer when there are lots of flowers available, but my wedding was in Long Island (NY) where nothing is cheap.

  7. Corey A says:

    I haven’t had my wedding yet, but here is the estimate I got from my florist:

    1 bridal bouquet
    5 bridesmaids’ bouquets
    1 groom boutonnieres
    7 groomsmen/other boutonnieres
    2 corsages
    10 center pieces

    Grand total will be around $750.

    Flowers included in the quote are ranunculus, chocolate cosmos, hypericum berries, red Asiatic lilies, pincushion protea, roses, spray mums, wheat, standard sunflowers, and mini red/orange sunflowers.

  8. poetprnss says:

    Hi-First congrats!

    I just got married in October and here are some of the things I did to save money on flowers.

    1.My total flower cost was $1300. That include my bouquet, throw away bouquet, 6 bridesmaid bouquets, 4 corsages, and 12 bouts, and ceremony decoration.
    You price will depend on the number of flowers, the type of arrangements, and the type of flowers you choose.

    2. Choose in season flowers to cut down on costs. Also, have your bridesmaids carry a small amount of flowers. It can look very classy-my girls carried 2 stargazer lillies each in memory of two people. The meaning helped justify the number of flowers and added something special.

    3. Some reception locations may provide your centerpieces. If not you can make you own for very cheap. Go to a carft store and get fish bowls. You can float candles or flower tops on the water. You can even put food color in the water to match your color scheme. Place candles on pieces of mirror and scatter rose petals or confetti. This stuff is easy to find at dollar stores or scarft stores-watch for coupons to further help with cost.

    4. Instead of putting flowers at the end of your pews or seats during the ceremony, buy wired ribbon and make them yourself. You will save a BUNDLE doing this and it isn’t too hard. Some ribbon packages even give instructions on how to do it. I glued blue birds (for happiness) into the center of each and they looked very cute. You can add butterflies or what ever you would like as well.

    5. Talk to your florist about getting your throw away bouquet for free. If you have enough flowers, they may do it for you.

    6. In your contract make sure there is an escense of time clause meaning that if the flowers don’t arrive on time you don’t pay for them.

    I hope that helps! Good Luck planning.

  9. Lydia says:

    Ours was just over $700 – I had a really large European handtied bouquet, and the four attendants had similar ones, about 2/3 size of mine – they were a mix of roses, carnations, orchids, alstromeria, mums of different kinds, etc. – just a lovely mix in different colours (pink, yellow, lilac, white plus greenery); mens bouts were mini carn sprays; corsages for ladies were sweetheart roses; had two centerpieces which we used at the church, then at the reception head table.

  10. shelly from flint mi says:

    5,600 WOW Thats more than my whole wedding!! Your a lucky girl to be able to spend that kind of money. Im on a much smaller budget. It doesn’t have to be expensive to look nice or have meaning.

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