How can you get a permit to have a wedding on the beach?

April 11th, 2010

I know people can get married on the beach but you have to have a permit, now it would be nice to get one from someone who has a private beach because they let you do a lot more than what a public beach would, so does anyone have any info on people who allow weddings on their beach property or how to get a straight up permit?

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  1. j jinx says:

    you need to contact the towns chamber of commerce. They will supply the permit.

  2. pspoptart says:

    Permits are only for public beaches. Contact City Hall and they will direct you where to get those.

    For a private beach you have to contact the owners. All hotels will have a 1-800 or you can talk with the manager.

    If the private beach you are eyeing if part of somebody’s house then pop a note in their mailbox. Something flattering to butter them up, then a decently round figure to overcome any hesitation they may have about 100 strangers on their property. The worst they can say is “NO”.

  3. Computer Guy says:

    You might want to find a private enterprise that throws beach weddings. It is not as simple as getting permission to use someone’s beach.

    o Will there be elderly or disabled attendees?

    o At any wedding, someone will have to use the bathroom.

    o Will there be a place the bride can change into her wedding dress?

    o Seating? Shade?

    o Great Aunt Matilda faints…

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