Help! I need some bridal shower game ideas?

April 19th, 2010

My daughter (BM) is looking for some bridal shower ideas. The MOH just announced (last night) that she is not going to be at the bridal shower (tonight). And she didn’t have anything planned, and backed out and put the responsibility on my daughter. The wedding is halloween themed-everyone will be coming in costume. There will be several older females and the rest will be in their 20’s-30’s. We need some quick, easy bridal shower games to play. Thanks so much

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  1. I love my love says:

    no games, just have food, cake, and the bride opens presents. games make the evening longer and more boring, trust me. I’m at the point where I don’t go to showers anymore, I just send a gift.

  2. K says:

    Well, I’ve hosted a few bridal shower games.

    There is always the dress game. You get cheap toilet paper, divide the women into teams of four or whatever makes the most sense for your group. Give them 2 rolls each and 4 pieces of scotch tape. Tell them to make a dress. The bride picks her favorite and that team wins
    Also, here is a website with printable games.
    This way all your daughter will have to do is print the games out and pass them around. I hope this helps.

  3. Mrs♥B says:

    The toilet paper dresses are always fun, you can also find a bridal mad libs game too. You can also go to your local party store, they usually sell some games for showers.
    Another game you can play is “how well do you know the bride?” Basically, you come up with a series of questions about the bride and her relationship with the groom. ie: How long have they been together? What was her first pet’s name? Who said I love you first? etc. Print out however many copies you will need and hand them out (don’t forget pens!), have the bride fill one out too. Then you have the bride answer them and whoever gets the most right wins.

    Don’t play too many games though, they tend to take up a lot of time and people don’t like to play a ton of them. So keep it to 3 games at most 🙂

  4. Ani says:

    Type up a list of questions something like this

    To be opened on the _________ anniversary

    On this day I, ______________ predict the following

    How many houses will Bill and Sarah have lived in?
    How many times will they have gone out of the country?
    How many children?
    How many grandchildren?
    This is the most common thing bickered about.
    The thing that Bill does that makes Sarah the happiest is….

    Think of questions to that effect and have guests “predict” the couples future.
    Give everyone an enevelope and write what anniversary it should be opened on.. 1st? tenth? 15th?

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