He Popped th QUESTION and I and SOOOO EXTICTED!?

April 21st, 2010

My boyfriend just asked me to marry him and be the mother of his kids! So A million things are running through my head! We have decided to get married on Feb. 14 2007 ( Valentines Day) so i dont even have a full year to plan but i want to plan everything on my own I dont wanna hire a wedding planner ( which may make me a bridezilla) but im ready for that! Can anyone tell me everything i need to think about for our wedding and reception! Im only 21 so things you guys may think i should know i probably dont! And What is a good budget? we have money thats not the problem it’s just if I dont put my self on a budget i will get wayyyyy out of control so what is a typical NICE wedding budget?
Thanx for congradualting me but i am not asking you for that Im asking for HELP!

By the way for the budget thing i am making it like a tiffany’s things the aqua color and white!
Tampa. Brooksville Florida!

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  1. pinkstealth says:


    Do your homework.

    God Bless.

  2. chitchatgal19 says:

    No clue about the budget thing, but CONGRATULATIONS! *hug*

  3. bamafan_tide says:

    you need to buy a wedding planning book-it will tell you everything you need to know-pick one up at a local bookstore

  4. Mariah says:

    i really have no idea but i just wanted to say im really exited for you and have FUN.

  5. n4il_p0lish2000 says:

    dont get married your way too young i did it and the wedding was such a pain that we ended up going to city hall i think the whole thing costed about 50 bucks but if you want a real wedding your going to need at least 10,000 well thats in illinois i dont know where you are but i bet its about that much everywhere ya go, good luck bridezilla

  6. maleko122532 says:

    Good 4 you congrats 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. Zakir says:

    Great, Congratulations, wish you a very happy life.

    You didn’t mentioned where you live, so it would be hard to tell you about the budget. But reading your question, it makes me feel like you are trying to make your wedding a big one. But is that really necessary? If you really love each other then the wedding would be full of love and no matter what there can’t be anything more precious then that.

    Just make sure that the people will come in the reception are well hosted, and arrange a few entertaining program. And I think you’d need money later in your life, wouldn’t it be a better idea to save it a little.

    If possible let me know how you did later on.

  8. niteowlpet says:

    Here is a link to a site that should be very helpful!
    Good luck! Congrats!

  9. want2csomefun says:

    Here’s an idea that ALL of our guests LOVED! In fact, many said they wish they had done the same. WE were married in his mom’s HUGE backyard..a park would be ideal, also, although you may need to plan your wedding for warmer weather…
    Anyway, we held a huge hog roast, complete with music, alcohol, tables & chairs, volleyball, lots of food, a big Johnny Jumper for all the kids and of course, the traditional wedding cake.
    Everyone had a blast! It’s very memorable, too! You should look into it! CONGRATS!! (Ha- I said it!)

  10. mick says:

    Talk with him and fisrt figure out what both of you had in mind. Then think about compromises.

    Date: Pick this first. check with family before you write it in stone.

    Location: The next big thing to pick. Choices: church, court, outside, inside, wedding hall, family house… etc.

    Time of day: morning, afternoon, or evening.

    Once you get those down, you will know who to go about the rest – ie. outside weddings are less formal, inside more so, etc, etc.

    Second thing: Pick who will be in the wedding with you – bridesmaids and groomsmen. Keep this simple unless you want a lot of headaches.

    Color: Sounds like you have an idea on this. That will dictate your decorations and flowers.

    Style: Casual, formal, relaxed, whatever??

    Now is the time to get invitations out. That gives you a idea on guest amounts. Sit down with both families and settle that.

    Once you know your location, time, and style, go ahead and get your dress ordered. If your bridesmaids have a chance of getting pregnant before the wedding, pick styles, but wait another month or two before ordering.

    Then comes the time for smalled details: flowers, food, decorations, reception plans. Try to get as much help from friends here. Do you know someone who can do flowers? Is there people who are good with decorations? Can people help with catering? Does Aunt Betty know how to do wedding cakes? Ask around.

    You will want to check out some books in the library and research small details and all. Ask friends who just got married. Remember to stay in a budget that allows you to enjoy the day and not stress out about it.

  11. misenwell231@verizon.net says:

    You are right about not hiring a wedding planner that will save you. I am planning my wedding also and use a notebook for all my ideas. With this being your 1st marriage go to the bribal shops to see if your dress is on the clearence rack and see what they have a special on your dress may be there. I’ve been looking on-line for free things that will help in mine. I bought my ribbons to go on the pews on sale at different stores and closer to my wedding date the women who will be in my wedding have planned to help make bows and birdseed bags. I want everybody in my wedding to be comfortable in what they wear and not spend alot of money on something that might hang in the closet so we choose to find dresses from other weddings and from thrift stores but in very good condition. I would like to help you but I’m not sure what you would like and you are more then welcome to email me at misenwell231@verizon.net. I have choosen an outdoor western wedding. I’ve found some great price on bridal gowns on line but I would hate for it not to be what I want so now I’m looking around in my area. There are so many very good catering severs out there but if you are not having a big wedding and you are planning the reception also go to wholesale stores and buy in bulk like peanuts, mints and things you and your groom would like. I would sit down and figure out how many will be at your reception and what you would like to have serve remember your wedding streamers and balloons and any decoration you would want for the reception should be in this buget. I don’t have a whole lot of money for my wedding so I’m going to make sausage balls and cheese straws myself and I was going to do my cake until I thought I’ll be to extaust by my wedding day to enjoy it. I’m so glad I’m marrying a wonderful man because even his family have welcome me in with open arms and are also going to help since my family want be bale to come. Since my mom has passed away I am unable to give her a rose when I come down the aisle so I’m giving my children roses for their love and support and when I’m coming back up the aisle I’m giving his mom a rose for her love and support and to show her how much she has come to mean in my life. Have you decided any floral arrangements or have a favorite flower? Just remember before you spend look around for the best bargins sometimes you will be surprised at the end just how much you saved. So back to the budgeting I would suggest to go to the flower shops see what they have and put what you want to add,don’t go purchasing it then go home think of all you’ve seen and how much you ould really like to spend. I’m here if you ever want to email and maybe I can help you some more. Have you planned the church you will marry at and if so do they have any rules on the flowers in the church, the reason I ask is when I married to my childrens father the church we were married at had to have real flowers which is a problem for seeing I have allergic reactions to real ones. Remember that it’s your day and don’t put to much on yourself and remember to catch a breath every now and then. Go to Walmarts or Targets and they have a book that has a check list and I think it has where you can budget also and they may have some suggestion for you. Hope to hear from you. Try the source below and see if that’s any help for you.

  12. scrabblemaven says:

    Buy a wedding planning book first! I got an Emily Post one, but there are many to choose from that would help. And use it!
    Decide what is important for you and take care of that first. Do you have something exactly in mind for: locations, officiants, dj/band, vendors, catering, cake, dress, favors, anything? If you have something in mind, reserve that vendor or buy it now. You can go to a local wedding expo or bridal show to get ideas. Some say the average wedding costs five thousand dollars, but I forget the source. I planned my wedding in less than eight months, so it is doable, just take it one step at a time, reserve the vendors and order things asap, and prioritize.

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