He gave me Drama , I gave some DRAMA back! wonder what happens next..hmmmmm?

March 26th, 2010

I met this guy. He seemed to be nice. He was going through a divorce. BIG RED FLAG! He started getting really close to me & was promising the moon & the stars. He wanted me to meet his family, he showed everyone pictures of me & bragged about “us”. He started mentioning wedding bells even. Now, this was only like a week & a half in the “dating” thing. I started wigging out. He was coming on so strong it made me feel he was desperate but I gave him a chance. We continued to see each other , ended up having sex then the current soon to be ex wife starts calling & banging on his apt door so he starts the whole “Im confused speech”. He then started avoiding me.We live in the same apt complex. I mean this guy just ditched me after screwing with my emotions. I got a tip that he and his soon to be ex was driving around in his convertible mustang. I found them, and pulled up beside them and explained to her that I was the girl he had been f’n.ha ha..wonder what will happen next? beat him up?

14 Responses to “He gave me Drama , I gave some DRAMA back! wonder what happens next..hmmmmm?”

  1. Cyberbrat_9 says:

    Don’t bother…he’s not worth it…..just ignore him

  2. davbig2 says:

    nothing will happen you made her want him more haha on u

  3. SoldierLover says:


  4. live2ride says:

    Why escalate the situation? Just chalk it up to bad judgement on your part and move on.

  5. mizzzzthang says:

    Girl, you sure gave it back……….LOL……..Good for you……..I can’t believe that you fell for the whole I’m going to get a divorce thing, though……….LOL

  6. .jess says:

    so not only are you loose and willing to sleep with another woman’s husband, but you’re also violent and willing to “beat up” someone?

    seek therapy. quickly.

  7. BaxChrist says:

    Does he actually care about his ex, if he does then leave him be, because it’s a long time to be with someone, and not give them a second chance. If he’s just a jerk, good for you girl.

  8. sweet_sensitivelady says:

    First everything was moving so fast. Damn did you know anything about him. It was too soon after the divorce for him to be talking marrying someone else. You was the rebound. Second, move on. There are too many men out there to be fighting over a piece of a man.

  9. cheetah7 says:

    Just let him go and move on. He’s not worth it. Just don’t repeat the same mistake twice.

  10. honeybuzz says:

    put him on dont date him girl.com

  11. ally'smom says:

    YOU NEED TO GROW UP! stop seeing guys who are CONFUSED AND MARRIED. it’s a bad ideal to date guys going Thur a separation they are not the ones to start a meaningfull relationship with. Why cause DRAMA and tell the wife you f’ed her hubby THEY were separated! i would have kicked your as* for acting that way to me.

  12. Delilah says:

    Been there (except he was divorced). The ones that come on like gangbusters at warp speed are the worst offenders and the “relationship” fizzles as quickly as it started. You learned a valueable lesson here, my friend: In the future, when a guy comes on strong, run for the hills. Don’t worry about what will happen next…….just avoid him at all costs. Trust me. He’s a manipulative user. And remember, if he could do that to you, he could do it just as easily to other women….and he will.

  13. hononegah1988 says:

    Sorry to say…he was just using you for a bang on the side…many men do that…and say they are confused…
    hope you don’t do that again…many men are just dogs..

  14. docask says:

    that is some funny. i thnk u did good u coul have said how does my p***** taste but u didnt u kept it sweet and simple 10 cool points for u

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