Does anyone know the cost of a single call lily flower compared to 12 rose bouqet?

March 29th, 2010

Did anyone use this or see this at a wedding? The bridesmaids would have single white call lily… and i would have a red rose bouqet- would those flowers clash- I also dont have any lilys on any of my wedding stuff ( guest book etc..)
oops! meant to put calla lily
OR instead of red roses, maybe i could have a couple (or one) red lily?

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  1. Angel sent from heaven says:

    I’m not sure on the price.But to answer the resat of the question. No Calla Lily’s and roses wont clash.If you make the roses and the calla lily the same height.good luck and i hope this helps

  2. Acceptance says:

    The lillies and the roses will look fabulous. The cost really depends on the time of year and the type of calla lily you get. Your best bet is to check with a florist for exact pricing. : )

  3. sunshinegd1 says:

    Callas are the most beautiful flower. There are many colors to choose from. I am using all callas in my wedding. My bouquet is a mixture of small white and large white callas. My bridesmaids bouquets are small white callas with a few pink callas in each. they can be expensive. Here are to place to order callas that are very reasonable.
    The prices I have seen else where are 3.75-4.50 per flower for the large callas. I would not worry about not having callas on any other wedding stuff. Also, a site I found that is very good for pictures of callas used in wedding is
    Good luck.

  4. rabika97 says:

    at my wedding i had my girls carry down 3 calla lillies, and then i carried down 3 along with 3 red roses intertwined with them. they looked beautiful. calla lillies are my favorite flower, and they are sooo beautiful. i had a lot of compliments on the bouquets.
    after the wedding i took my bouquet to a flower drying shop and they dried the flowers for me and then made them into a swag that is now hanging above our bed. so i get to see my beautiful flowers everyday.
    the cost of a single calla lilly ranges from about $3.50-$4.50. it depends on where you live and how far they need to be shipped.
    for my flower girl, i went to hobby lobby (a craft store) and got her 3 fake calla lillies, they looked real (in fact people thought that they were). if you are willing to have fake flowers, look around at the craft stores, you will be surprised at how they real they look.
    as far as not having lillies on any of your other wedding things, i don’t really think that anyone is going to notice. most people don’t pay that much attention to detail.

    congratulations, and have blast, it will truly be a night that you will never forget. enjoy it, it goes by very quickly.

  5. nanny says:

    Just a note of caution – talk to your florist ahead of time. I wanted calla lillies, and found out that they couldn’t be guaranteed in our area for the end of July, so I had to change my plans. I love that you are having a traditional red rose bouquet!

  6. Jessica says:

    I am having callas and roses at my wedding! It’s very similar to what you want to do – I’m having my bridesmaids carry a single Titanic rose wand (the blooms are about 4 inches in diameter). My bouquet is going to have pink roses, white calla lilies, and babies breath. The girls’ flowers are going to be tied with a white satin ribbon, and my bouquet is going to have a white satin ribbon wrapped around it. We’re also getting rose corsages for our moms, rose boutonierres for the men, and my fiance has a small calla lily, rose and babies breath as his boutonnierre. Throw in a bag of petals for our flower girl, and our total amount for fresh flowers was only $250 (Canadian). It’s a great way to save money having the girls carry one flower, and because I won’t have a huge bouquet, their flowers will complement mine nicely.

    The way you’re doing it is great too, I think it will work out nicely. You’re having them carry the white flower which will be a simple complement to their colorful dresses, and your red roses will look beautiful compared to your white/ivory/cream colored dress. It will be another way for you to stand out.

    I think calla lilies are a sort of standard wedding flower, if you have them nowhere else I don’t think it will be the end of the world, though you could incorporate flowers in your entrance to the reception, around the cake table, at the head table, anywhere. Maybe you could even use them in your hair?

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