Does anyone have any ideas for a rock star theme wedding?

April 21st, 2010

My fiance and I are getting married next September, and we want to do a rock star wedding theme. I’m kind of at a loss for any ideas. He is a musician, and we both love the idea. I have black and red in my head, but I’m looking for ideas as far as centerpieces, flowers, and cakes go….. Any help or web links would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. mandolina says:

    This isn’t a decor idea, but — what about having a red carpet outside your reception and hiring “paparazzi” to take pictures when you arrive?

  2. SirenSong says:

    Sounds like fun.

    The paparazzi idea is a great one.

    You may want to check out the Offbeat Bride Tribe at offbeatbridedotcom for inspiration since several ladies there are doing something similar.

  3. Claire says:

    Sweetheart don’t go for a theme wedding. The wedding is a theme already. Make it classy, and timeless. Not cheap and themed.

  4. Lainey Judith says:

    Have Rock-karaoke… I’m thinking, lots of huge, glittery, silver stars…. Decorate the hall to make it look like the VIP lounge to a Rock concert….
    This is what I think of, when I think of rock concerts:

    Have lots of glittering champagne….

    ADD- Oh, I like the Red Carpet/Paparazzi idea, only have a photographer take Flashing Pictures of the Guests as they come in!

  5. krgr_1428 says:

    Wedding cakes There’s a lot you can do. Red and black ribbons. Red and black flowers. Whatever:

    Put them in a black ern

    If you’re doing long tables you can scatter a line of red & black rose petals. Add some black votives or tapers…

    You can look to rock star weddings for any kind of inspiration. Marilyn Mansons wedding was amazing.
    I love their centerpieces, the black magic roses and black tapers, candelabras…that’s hot. They even has little skull candles on the tables, supposedly can’t a find a picture of them.

    They also had cute edible favors which doubled as place cards. If you let all the images load on that apge, you’ll see them they’re the black things with the initials and the dots.
    You could get costum sugar cookies amde covered in black or red and accent them with the opposite color. You can put your monogram on them or whatever


    You can hand out glow sticks for when the lights go down and the party starts:

    Doing a grooms cake? If he’s a guitarist you could see about getting a guitar cake made:
    You could even see about getting ya’ll monogram on it.

    If your man is a guitarist/bassist you could give custom guitar picks with your names/monogram on them:

    Personalized lighters even, if you have your exit at night you can have them all hold up their lit lighters and scream or chant (Bill & Judy! Bill & Judy!!) or whatever, something unique for the getaway…

    Concert ticket invitations are cute:

    Wrist tickets are also cute, you can get stuff printed on them:

    How about these:

  6. suellenh says:

    What instrument does he play? Incorporate that into your decor. I see lots of big glittery stars and fairy lights and instrument outlines hanging from the ceiling, as well as from branch centerpieces. I don’t know what kind of music award ceremonies there are but you could do your invites around that.

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