do you like my poem??

April 9th, 2010

im your friend
your my friend
were we ment to be?
please give me a sign
because im in a bind
should i keep it inside
or should i tell him how i feel
as i step up
a girl comes up
very demanding but very pretty
now i know where i stand
just a best friend
shes way to abusive
how do i stop it
i need to help him
i get my chance and we hugged goodbye
she was being a spy and saw the whole thing
she beat up me
then i had a dream
i was with him and he with me
we were ment to be
then i woke up
i had gotten a call
i needed to go to him
now im there
and the woman answered
she was packing her bags
she was going to leave
she said this man she faked of love
had had a passionate dream
he was with me
and i was with him
he said its a sign we were ment to be
shes packed up and gone
as i stand in the doorway
he tells me a speech
he had made a mistake
and thought she was the one
but he guess hes wrong
he got outta bed
and said i was sweet
we then shared a kiss..
i guess we were ment to be

how do you like it??? if you have modifications please tell me!!

3 Responses to “do you like my poem??”

  1. ms neisha says:

    This is good…i love poetry and i think it wonderful. We all wish to have someone realize that want us just as much as we want them and this proves that anything is possible if you just have a little patience. GOOD JOB!!!

  2. Cheeto_Kit_Latte_Kat says:

    meant to be has an a. Good story though, love the irony. Doesn’t sound so meant to be~
    If its true, then you’ll probably have the inspiration for a few more poems!

    Time to move on!

  3. fuzzyness01 says:

    It told a good story.

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