do this this is good way to honor my step dad?

April 19th, 2010

My step dad past away in july and it has had a huge impact on me. Well i am getting married in may. and i want to honor him. he did such a good job raising me and my sister’s and brother. He pretty much came into a broken family and mended it. now with the wedding i want him to know how much i appracate what he did for us, even though he is no longer with us. I know he will be watching me and crying because his baby girl is getting married. we are planning on having a moment of slience just before my brother walks me down the asile. But i dont want to miss on on the father-daughter dance so i wanted to play Faith hill’s there you’ll be. and dance with his best friend that he has knowen since grade 1. do you think that its a good way to honor him and let him know how much i still love him. I am having so many second thoughts because i miss him so much and i was so happy to have him give me away, when I first got engaged he asked me if he got to walk me down the asile and of course
i said yes ( my sister didnt have anybody and so he didnt know if i wanted anybody walking me down the asile) i told him to promise me he would . and he promised so i am having such a hard time, i just realized its only 3 months away and i am an emotional wreck. thanks everyone.
sorry about the way the question is writen. my computer has been acting strange. it is supost to say do you think this is a good way to honor my stepdad.

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  1. browneyes12399 says:

    i think its a great way to honor him and maybe do a toast to him at the reception. since he cant be there to give a toast to you

  2. nataliexoxo says:

    oh i think that’s a great way to honor him.
    you are getting me a lil teary eyed.
    you are very thoughtfull and i’m sure you stepdad will be watching you and smiling down on you.

    i think you should release a dove in his honour as well.

    just a thought

  3. starrrrgazer says:

    That’s a lovely way to honor him. I would suggest that you should notify your groom and the wedding party that if you get to teary eyed or upset, they should all join you and your step-father’s friend on the dance floor to continue the dance as a group dance. Then, you won’t have to worry about falling apart in front of everyone.

    May I suggest that instead of a moment of silence, you might include a page dedicated to him in your wedding program. People expect weddings to be positive. You should remember your wedding that way. The memories of your step-father are too fresh and should be commemorated, but in a way doesn’t deflect from the wedding, the joy, and the reason for your wedding- you and your groom.

  4. Reception Desk Slave says:

    I was going to say u should walk down the aisle alone, but with your arm out like you are linking arms with him; or that you should hold a picture of him in your arms; but then I continued to read on and your having ur brother walk u down.

    I think the moment of silence and the dance with his best friend will be nice. Also you should have someone like your mother or someone important close with the family, like his best friend, or even you, give a toast at the reception to him and maybe tell a story about him, or talk about how much he looked forward to this day..

  5. KCGirl1972 says:

    My goodness girl, you brought tears to my eyes. I think its wonderful what you are doing to honor your stepfather.

  6. stamper says:

    i think that is a lovely idea. You just about had tears streaming here! You could also have a locket with his pic in it attached to your bouquet. Nobody would have to know about it but that way he is still with you on your walk down the aisle. Some men are amazing that come into the lives of others and mend a broken family. It takes a great person to take the responsibility of raising a family. I am sure he will be smiling upon you on your wedding day!

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