Craft Ideas for Autumn Wedding?

April 2nd, 2010

My daughter is planning a November wedding & is trying to keep costs down as much as possible. Does anyone have any good ideas for table decorations at the reception, specifically small autumn-themed centerpieces, something different from the usual pumpkin thing. None of us is very talented craft-wise, so would need to be fairly easy to make. Also would appreciate it if anyone knows of a crafting website where we could find ideas for this. Thanks!

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  1. Silly Bella says:

    thin dry branches with no leaves. Have them all spindly and twist, put them in a pot. Maybe add some glitter (it really depends on what the wedding is like) and put some pretty fabric leaves scattered on the table tops.

  2. PinkLove22 says:

    Mini pumpkins and gourds. They are like 50 cents a pound at grocery stores and farms. Go outside and pick out leaves. Find really colorful ones that are full intact. No holes, no rips, no bugs. Use candles. Try using apples as centerpieces too. How about Cinnamon sticks. It will make the place smell beautiful and look great.

  3. irish_pixie74 says:

    Go for a walk when the leaves are falling and take the nicer ones home. You can make a centerpiece out of them. Get one of those bowls (ivy bowls), put the glass rocks in them (maybe some reds and browns) and place the leaves around them.

  4. mimegamy says:

    For an October wedding we used pumpkins (small ones) with leaves and a candle. Every other table. Opposite tables had ivy plants with leaves on a stand.

  5. ocobride says:

    get 6″ pillar candles in the color of the wedding. get 8″ hurricane vases, rocks and some wired crystal (all available at your local craft shop). wrap (and hot glue the wired/beading crystal around the top of the vase- the less uniform the better. place the colored rocks in the bottom of the vase, place the candle in.. very romantic and elegant look with the candle light.. plus adds a nice accent of color to tables. if youd like you can buy silk leaves and scatter them on the table (like rose petals)..

  6. pumpkin says:

    Try a glass hurricane with a gold, orange, amber colored pillar candle inside, surrounded by an autumn leaf candle ring. Scatter autumn leaf confettis all over the tables. Also get silk fall leaves & scatter them on the tables, as well. Buy autumn leaf garlands & drape them everywhere. None of these things is expensive & all are availble at places like Party City, CVS drug stores, Ben Franklin or Michaels craft stores. Both of those places would have wonderful ideas for centerpieces. I’m sure you could take ideas for centerpieces & table decorations from other seasons & adapt them to autumn colors! If you have an arch at the reception, decorate that with lighted garlands of autumn leaves & drape swags of leaves everywhere. I’m getting married on Halloween, so I’m looking at the same things. Congratulations & good luck!!! Hope these ideas help a little……..

  7. skydiva says:

    Go for rusty reds, goldish yellows, burnt orange and browns. Go to the craft store and buy branches of ‘autumn’ leaves, and the leaves themselves. Also get some wooden /dish bowls or gold colored plates/chargers and place some autumn colored candles on the dish/bowl and sprinkle with the leaves and branches.
    Or, you might be able to talk to your florist for a reasonable centerpiece with available plants and flowers.
    I am from Arizona and finding leaves on the ground is not an option!
    Good luck!

  8. secret_oktober_girl says:

    I’m in the midst of planning our wedding for this September, also with a “fall” type of feel. This is what we’re doing, simple and low cost….
    We’re having an ‘outdoor’ event…my colors are cranberry and ivory and I’m using a lot of grapevine/pip berries incorporated into the decor. So I want my centerpieces to reflect an air of “nature”. I’m sure you could easily adapt this idea to your theme/colors…

    I’m going to get a variety of sized/shaped pillar candles (round ball, standard, square…) and arrange them randomly on charger plates-mixing up the style/sizes at each table so that they are all a little different from one another. Then I’m going to scatter small cobblestone/riverstone around the base of the candles on the plates, along with “strategically placing” some really pretty silk autumn leaves (that I found at oriental trading) in such a way to make it appear as if they’re there naturally.


    If you’re wanting something a little more “formal” get some floater bowls, fill with water, toss a few of those silk fall leaves in and then on ebay you can actually get Rose shaped floater candles that are battery operated, you won’t have to worry about them going out that way, they’ll last all night. You can always use standard floater candles if you want, but the battery ones are pretty too! Scatter a few more leaves around the bowl on the table…you can always add some stone/floral glass/or marble just to dress it up a little, both IN the bowl and around in on the table.


    Even EASIER….just get some of the 4″ grapevine/berry wreaths and use them as candle rings around some basic tall pillar candles. About 1/4 of the way up the candle, tie an organza bow in your wedding color around it.

    Use empty, larger sized wine glasses…(or other glass vessel of your choice) fill w/an autumn themed potpourri and then put in a votive candle (in a holder) into the glass. Tie a ribbon around the top of the stem of the glass leaving some long streamers to flow onto the table. Take a few more votives (say 5) and place them evenly spaced in a circle around the wine glass, a safe enough distance to keep the bow from catching…but this will make what would be a “small” centerpiece appear larger by taking up more table room.

    If you give me a little more info as far as the style she’s having, I can come up with more.

  9. longhornfan1722 says:

    Sprinkle the table top with artificial fall leaves and place candles on top of mirrors for lighting. Simple, easy, no talent required! Also, if you use M&Ms in fall colors in small bags on the table as favors it will help.

  10. ZiggyMa says: in the weddings section. Great ideas for any budget and skill level.

    Get yourself to a craft store like Michaels too. You may be inspired by something you see there

  11. Jamie says:

    I’m planning a fall wedding, I am making my own centerpeices, there not completely fall themed. Im making topiaries out of rochers chocolates. Here’s a link to it, but I’m making them with my colors and with leaves instead of flowers.

  12. ssi1111 says:

    How about Tissue Lanterns, check out . I know would have been much better with pics, but the instructions are pretty easy to follow and I have seen these lanterns in action… very pretty!!

  13. sniffydogs says:

    How about baskets with shiny red apples in them? The guests could take them home as favors too.

  14. Mandy P says:

    check this out.

  15. hollywoodmelody says:

    For centerpieces take fall leaves and arrange them in a circle. Next take some cinnamon sticks with a drop of vanilla and tie them together with raffia around a candle.

    leaves – free
    cinnamon sticks – $5
    vanilla – $4
    raffia – $1
    candle – $1

    Small straw wreath with acorns
    candle in middle

    Small fluted bowls with color oils
    floating candle on top of oil
    place on mirror circles or hexagons

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