Clash of two wedding themes…?

April 3rd, 2010

My fiance wants to wear a zoot suit to the wedding, but I have no idea how to work that into a theme without it going “mobster.” I am having a fall wedding and want to go with fall leaves and stuff. Should I just compromise and go with a romantic evening theme? Ugh…
Wow…I have a fire hazzard of a theme? Nice. I sense piepiepie has some wedding aggression built up. Geez…I am new at this wedding stuff and don’t want my wedding to look like a mess.

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  1. almarj70 says:

    Could he get a Zoot suit in Autumn colours perhaps? Or wear a tie in Autumn colours or perhaps even a tie with autumn leaves on it 🙂

  2. Joe Mama says:

    You two could have separate weddings.

  3. piepiepie says:

    Uhm, or you could do what any reality minded person would do and let him wear whatever he wants to wear. You get to wear whatever you want to wear and you get to play dress up with your bridesmaids, let him wear his zoot suit and keep your stupid fire hazard of a theme too.

  4. pogie_luke says:

    If he wants to wear it let him, after all it’s his wedding too. I know it may not be what you like/want. It’s only for one day and years from now you both can look at the pictures and laugh–at HIM!

  5. chrissy says:

    Joe Mama that’s mean, but hilarious. Anyway, back to the question… If that’s all he wants, you should consider yourself lucky. Most of the time, it’s the woman who makes all the decisions for the wedding because they’ve dreamt about it for so long. But most of the time, it’s “her wedding” he’s just along for the ride. If he actually has his heart set on this thing, then give it to him, make the wedding about him too, not just you! I’m sure you’ll find some way to make it work. And remember, not everything has to be absolutely perfect, and if you plan for one thing that isn’t, and don’t have expectations for it to be, you’re more likely to still be able to relax and have fun if other things go wrong too!

  6. Katherine W says:

    A zoot suit? That’s easy! Have a swing dance band at your wedding. Have the wedding party go to some swing dance lessons in advance. Let people know so they can take lessons, too. Swing dance music is marvelous, and if you learn, you’ll be dancing for life. There are so many great songs in swing. If you do east-coast swing, you can have a romantic 40s theme or a 50s swinging rock theme. If you do west coast swing, you can have a lot of modern music, you can dance to Madonna even, but then the zoot suit wouldn’t fit as well. You could also have some TV’s around the bar area, sound off, playing 40s movies, too. People will love it!

  7. Kayla J says:

    You should focus more on the romantic evening theme so he wont look so out of place, but you could throw in some of your fall ideas and make it work with the theme.
    You dont want to make it too colourful it wont look right, but having accents of colour and leaves wont look bad, just dont over do it

  8. Solstice Bride says:

    Katherine W’s idea sounds like a lot of fun. Also, like others said, be glad your fiance has opinions and wants to play an active role.


  9. secret_oktober_girl says:

    How about this for a compromise…..
    For the actual ceremony…see if he is willing to do a traditional tux or at least an average suit…do all your wedding decor in the fall colors, and have it be the romantic theme that you want it to be…

    For the reception however, let him bust out his zoot suit, maybe you could find a dress that can look elegant for the ceremony, but then jazz it up w/a long strand of pearls, grab some long gloves w/layered pearl bracelets, lose the viel and go with a jeweled headband/piece w/a white feather–get into character w/him!
    Have a live jazz/swing band for your music and your favors could be cds of music from that era….buy a different assortment so that “couples” don’t get 2 of the same things. You could also supply the men w/cigars and the women w/long strands of faux pearls to help them get into character as well! (hey, that’s no different than giving people leis for a hawaiin theme reception!)
    Your centerpieces could just be simple mini table lamps w/small shades that you could dress up w/some fringe trim that matches your colors (you know, the little lamps that they used to use in all the little pubs/restaurants from that era) and just set it inside a flower ring or bunch up netting around the base of it…you can dress it up some to where it still looks like wedding centerpieces.
    (For the lamps..I know you’re thinking “what about all the plugs”…go to your local craft store or even the craft section of wal mart…they sell little battery operated lamps-they look like the chirstmas candles that go in the windows-and also the little shades that would go on it, they’re not expensive either…”

    That could actually be a really cool reception to do! And this way, you get to have the nice, romantic traditional ceremony and he gets to have the fun wild reception (done tastefully however!) And if you offer to get into character w/him for the reception, than he may be more willing to go along w/the traditional attire for the ceremony for you.

    Good luck and HAVE FUN!!!
    If you need/want any further decor ideas, feel free to email me…I always have tons!!!!

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