cheap wedding christmas decoration??? where? and other stuff…???

April 11th, 2010

anybody knows of places with very cheap decoration for a wedding in christmas stile?
i bought some wide silk lace rolls in the christmas tree shop. very cheap. a $ each.
also i bought favors there-> candy canes for 12 pieces for 1$ too.
very good idea for is having there wedding next month too.
now i am just looking for more deco and ideas cheap of course…
any ideas??
i also couldn’t find cheap invitations yet….
any advice here?
maybe buy paper and write them??? whats cheaper…???
i was thinking to hand them out instead of mailing them and have them resbond via e-mail???
what do you think?

let me know

oh and i am also looking for a a line slip? cheap, used??? anybody knows what size that would be?

thanks guys

by the way, target has really cute cheap wedding shoes if anybody still needs some….


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  1. tink says:

    Joanne’s has lots of cheap Christmas stuff on sale, they want to get the old stuff out beofre the new stuff comes in so hurry! They also have pretty chep invitations that are really easy to use. I bought mine form there and they looked great. Good luck!

  2. KayKay says: will take care of all your needs! Check in the sale section for even more ideas!
    The e-mail invite tho??? TACKY!!! don’t do it! Buy some premade ones and write in the invite yourself!

  3. Marilyn D says:

    Try Michaels Store. And I bought my invitations at, their price isn’t bad at all. or even try holiday-cards-store-com. I’m getting married New Years Eve. Hope this helps.

  4. christalsundog says:

    Yeah do NOT email them. If you’re a decent scrapbooker you could always make them. and decorations? EBAY! My wedding is in May and I’ve already got a ton of decorations from EBAY.

  5. iloveweddings says:

    Hi. Go to any dollar store or a discount store like Walmart, etc. and get a glass bowl or vase and some nice colored Christmas ornaments in your colors. Fill the bowls or vase with ornaments and your done!

    As far as the invitation. Go to Target, Walmart, Michael’s…any place like that and buy a “boxed set” of invitations. You get 50 in a box for $25…or maybe even cheaper. Use your computer to print them.

    DON’T print them yourself (as in handwriting)…that will look totally tacky!! Also…do NOT hand them out. Please mail them! And include a RSVP card (with postage on it)…so people can respond properly. There are many ways to cut the budget, but doing so by handwriting invitations, passing them out, and using email for the RSVP is NOT a way to save!!

    Good luck!

  6. Heather says:

    Hobby Lobby has their Christmas items 50% off right now. And they have a huge selection.

  7. Squiggly says:

    Buy some Christmas ornament bulbs. They come in all colors so, you could match w/ the wedding well. And allow your guest to take them home as wedding favors.
    Or simply, just use white, red, gold, and green candles of different heights.

  8. holmeskaykay says:

    Try the following links: – for inexpensive decorations expecially favor ideas. – for christmas party decorations – Bargain wedding invitations and accessories – inexpensive invitation paper, program paper etc. – not the cheapest but you can definately get some ideas from this site.

    Good Luck with your wedding!

  9. phantom_of_valkyrie says:

    It looks like you are going with a very Country Christmas. Go to a flea market and look for items that have that feel. Wooden signs, dolls, etc.

    The slip-just an A-line slip you can get at any store. Target, Walmart. Though most dresses now are so thick that you really don’t have to worry about it being see-through and your underwear showing. Or are you looking for more of a crinoline petticoat? If so, ebay. Though a lot of bridal stores will rent them. Ask some brides you know if they used one.

    For invitations go to

    I bought mine from Invitations by Dawn and loved them. Those are definitely the cheapest. BUT DO THAT ASAP before you buy more decorations. Your wedding is in 4 weeks and you haven’t mailed out invites yet?!? Hurry. You need to get them in (1 wk), address them (1 wk) and give the person time to respond (1wk). You better hurry and perhaps pay a little extra to have them express mailed to you. You don’t have time to make them yourself.

  10. gizmos_dreamer says:

    My step sister had a winter wedding in Jan one year. They found a lot of stuff of course, since this is the holiday season. One thing I can tell you, they went to the dollar store and bought a bunch of plastic snowflakes with glitter on them and they hung those on the ceiling in the reception room. They were also able to find cheap candles with snowflakes on them. If you could incorporate snowflakes, silver, that kind of thing into your theme, there are some ideas. And yes, I agree, JoAnne’s Fabrics has a lot. And if you go bargain hunting, you’ll be surprised what you can find.

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