Charlie Chaplains Greatest Speech

March 29th, 2010 Perhaps one of the greatest speeches of the twentieth century. Written almost 70 years ago, the words ring true to this day, a testament to Charlie Chaplains grasp on the human spirit and value of life. The great dictator was written in 1940 as a satirical take on the Nazi power in Europe, shortly before America became involved. “We all want to help one another, human beings are like that…”

25 Responses to “Charlie Chaplains Greatest Speech”

  1. MadrugadorDG says:

    Greatest speech ever. Really breathtaking

  2. bateman88 says:

    well it is documented that not only was communist but he loved to smoke cigars with veins in them.

  3. bateman88 says:

    there is literally no denying that fact.

  4. BJHBNE says:

    Remember its been proven in studies in USA that the more educated a person is, the more likely it is that person belives in the existance of aliens. A bit of topic but i just cant wright this on the alien videos, it just dont show there, but it sort of ties in with the no borders thing and the hidden truth.

  5. hpmc9 says:

    th irony is, chaplin was wearing his own mustach

    chaplin wore that style before hitler

    hitler had a chaplin mustach, not the other way around

  6. hpmc9 says:

    a world with no borders

    well, you’re winning on that count, jew boy

  7. maddox626 says:

    Homosexual faggot you suck balls! love ya!

  8. urbanxs1 says:

    i’m not saying he was a homosexual, only a communist

  9. maddox626 says:


  10. jurihaake says:

    @urbanxs1 not at all read anthem…

  11. urbanxs1 says:


  12. maulroon says:

    His tie being off center annoys me. Great speech though.

  13. mooneez says:

    “Half-way through making ‘The Great Dictator’ I began receiving alarming messages from United Artists. They had been advised by the Hays Office that I would run into censorship trouble. Also the English office was very concerned about an anti-Hitler picture and doubted whether it could be shown in Britain. But I was determined to go ahead, for Hitler must be laughed at.”
    – Charlie Chaplin (in 1940 ‘The Great Dictator’ garnered 4 Oscar nominations)

  14. mkghuy says:

    Yeah…u are right…i think soon the world will see a NWO by obama who is a puppet..!!!

  15. Quindal says:

    The greatest two enemies they have is time and truth, they hate the internet because of this, because given time the truth will come out, and even now as you’re reading this the old blood is dying off and the new blood is smarter and unwilling.

    This is why you see such a rampant push for healthcare and global warming bs, those things offer them ultimate control, the grand slavery they so desperately want, all the stops are out, obama is their last chance for a long time

  16. mkghuy says:

    Yup…so you think even if there is a plot for the new world order by the elite bankers….it will not succeed ??

  17. Quindal says:

    @mkghuy Don’t worry, their own plans are the means to their destruction, even if let alone. They seek to cull the weakest, the poorest, yet by culling them there is just a new threshold for the weakest and poorest and those who were loyal become the culled. They worship he who has no loyalty, and those who worship them do the same. We can only hope that media and the rulers of the world wake up to this fact, that they have no loyalty to any of them, and only without them will any of us be free

  18. mkghuy says:

    Agree… the rockefuckers and ruthlesschild will eat up everybody one day !!

  19. driveby1 says:

    Great movie, great message, sadly enough, still one timeless classic.

    People like Chaplin really give me back that little hope in Humanity everytime I see his work.

  20. Chainiky says:

    up with you

  21. 123norway says:

    yea and look where we are today :S
    It will probably be worse as time pass 🙁

  22. 123norway says:

    yea the world needs help…

  23. vicorty4iran says:

    Great speech for Iranian AKHOND, listen carefully

  24. Quindal says:

    Down with the “elite” banking families
    Down with the Illuminati
    Down with the machines of eugenics
    Down with the culture of dependency
    Down with Liberalism and the vile idea that one person can better live or dictate the life of another
    Down with the lies and deceit and hypocrisy

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