Can I have a church wedding if I come to Australia on a tourist visa?

April 16th, 2010

I am planning to visit Australia on a tourist visa as my fiance works there (not a permanent resident). Can we have our wedding in a church in Australia? I belong to the Mar thoma church. Is it possible to have it in a Mar thoma church? It would be of great help if anybody can help me with a useful answer. Thanks.

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  1. Ozmaniac says:

    I’ve never heard of a Mar thoma church, but if you can find one in Australia and if its minister(?) is legally able to perform marriages, then you will be able to marry there if you meet the Australian legal requirements for being able to marry – being from overseas presents no problems if you have the correct documentation.

  2. ♣ Oreo ♣ says:

    Mar Thoma in English means Saint Thomas, for those who don’ t know. And there are quite a lot of Saint Thomas churches in Australia. You’re Assyrian, yeah?

    I think, yes you can marry here. Why not? Though I admit, I’m not exactly certain that you can. But many people marry here then they go back to their own (or different) country.

  3. Paula12481632 says:

    If you can marry legally, then you can marry in a church or anywhere else you want to. The law has nothing to say about whether you marry in a church or not.

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