BNP – Nick Griffin 3 of 5 – Joint Tenancy Agreement

April 3rd, 2010

Nick Griffin – sample speech. The scandal of the ‘Joint Tenancy Agreement’ and how the BNP made it come to light against the opposition of all the old parties. This took MORE THAN FIVE YEARS.

5 Responses to “BNP – Nick Griffin 3 of 5 – Joint Tenancy Agreement”

  1. rerevisionist says:

    You don’t seem to be able to listen.

  2. BrentChettle says:

    Three easy errors fixed.
    1.Problems are everywhere not somewhere.
    2.What other people are personally is not the greatest of international issues..
    3.Politicians are usually relieved to shave when they can create a bonding of trust with the person in the mirror holding the razor.

  3. rerevisionist says:

    bnp d o t org d o t uk sl ash racism d o t pdf

    if you take out the spaces!

  4. Bluemerlin32 says:

    Just type in “Muslims attack vicar” in your computer search engine and you will be shocked at the sheer number of cases. I heard of one case and was looking for that, but did not expect anything like what I saw. Just last weekend there were huge numbers of Muslims protesting in London with placards that read “Islam will dominate the world – Freedom can go to hell” You can check this in the Daily Mail archives, under Geert Wilders coming to the UK – the pictures are all there.

  5. chrisy0907 says:

    well done for posting mate, some great vids
    and labours campaign of hate against the bnp is just waking people up

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