Black and Red Wedding Decoration Ideas?

April 12th, 2010

Hello, I’m getting married in March of 2009 and we are having a black and red wedding. We don’t really have an accent color but i guess if i had to pick one then it would be white since my dress is part white and so is my aisle runner. I’m going to for a bold, modern and contemporary look. I don’t want to go overboard with the flowers though and love the idea of having a awesome lighting accents (like LED lit centerpieces and such).

Anyone have any ideas for decor for a black and red wedding?
Chesney: You made those invites?!?! OMG, i LOVE them! Where did you get the materials to do them?

Sunny: Thank you, i will have to do that.

Is it helps anyone any here is the base idea for our cake:
**We aren’t doing circles but like the hippe flower cut outs and hearts and the bottom tier will be red with black flowers and the top 3 tiers will be black with red hearts and flowers. It’s really out there and the top tier isn’t floating like in the picture, but this was the pic that inspired the cake**

And here is my dress…
Lisa: We are going with black and red because they look amazing together and because black is my favorite color and red is my fiancee’s. Although many find them to be dark colors i think they are bold and beautiful if you pick the right shade of red. But thank you for your advice, it is appreciated 🙂
B2B: Thank you so much, i really love the centerpiece and linen idea.

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  1. ☼☼sunny_girl☼☼ says:

    That is my plan for our wedding June 2009. A lot of websites have cakes and favors and all types of goodies for black and white wedding. You can simply google black and white wedding decorations and BOOM! there you go!

  2. Chesney ♥'s Jason says:

    here was our cake table

    here were our centerpieces

    our girls wore black, feel free to browse throughout the photos for more ideas, our invites were black and red and our accent color was ivory since my dress was ivory!

    we made our own invites! 🙂

    Julene your dress is beautiful! and yes we made our invites we got them at a local scrapbooking store…a friend of mine is getting married in three weeks and asked me if i could make about 20 invites for her, same colors, everything (obviously her monogram would be on the front and the wording would be different) 🙂

    if you want, as a template, i could send you one of our invites..we still have some leftover.

  3. lisa says:

    I’m getting married this Oct. and my wedding theme will be red and silver, since black is considered ‘unlucky’ in asian cultures. I suggest using silver or gold. Red is a tricky color, some look really cheap so be careful what shade of red you choose since you’re not planning to have alot of flowers. March is a beautiful springy season, why are you using such dark colors?? My first choice was also a March wedding because there are so many vibrant colors!

    If contemporary feel is what you want, you dont have to stick to black/red colors, you can use brown/pink and still have a contemporary look and it wont be as dark and down the mood.

    When I originally planned for my March wedding, I chose silky chocolate brown with pink and a hint of accents in light minty green. All done in clean lines. check out and the marthastewart weddings or for great ideas

    One of the things I learned, unless you have the reception site already booked, dont even start on the color theme…

    hope this helps

  4. eduaction first says:

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  5. no_moore says:

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