Bank of America dispute charge case question?

April 18th, 2010

I am a Bank Of American debit card holder

Monday a company who call themselves 1 Destination with a website called me and told me I won $1,000 and 3 vacations. 1 to Daytona Beach, 1 to Las Vegas, and 1 to Diney World. The lady told me this was totally free. She explained to me I won this through my credit card. She asked if this was a Visa or Mastercard. I said Visa. Then asked me for my address to mail the prizes to me. Then transferred me to a “manage” to finish off the prize. The manager asked me for my credit card numbers supposebly to verify which card I won these prizes to, after that I couldn’t hear anything as if I was on hold. Then he verified my address and ask if I accept these prizes, I said yes and before I could ask him anything he hung up, then I was transferred back to the 1st representative I’ve talked to. I saw they charged my card with $390 So I asked her why they are charging me. She said the taxes, so I said, well, I don’t want these prizes you told me it was totally free. Then she started to tell me she never said that and that the manager explained to me the charges. I explained to her I was either put on hold or mute, but there was a point I didn’t hear him say anything and that he hung up on me. I explained to her that the charge is pending on my account and that is overdrawing my account because I only have $2 to please cancel it. She told me it was done and couldn’t cancel it. I got mad and told her I was calling my bank. They called me like 10 more times, so I told them I was going to speak to my lawyer. After I told them that they called me Tues, Wed and yesterday like a billion times. I finally answered last night and they were offering me more vacations and $1,000 extra which comes out is shopping money.They told me I will lose any case because I’m recorded accepting this.

Has this happened to anyone before?

The payment went through sometime between last night to this morning. I called my bank this morning to dispute the payment. They did it and recommended I block my card. I have to wait for a new one in the mail. They told me this may take up to 90 days and asked me for my best phone number to reach me at. I explained everything that went on. Do you think they will be able to fix it? Do banks have lawyers or how do they work this out?

I searched those people’s link on google and it came under or something like that.

Are you a Bank of America member and have they ever fixed anything like this for you?

I know I should have hung up on those people to start out with. I always have and will continue doing it, but I don’t know why I didn’t. I guess tough rough times kept me from hanging up. I don’t need anyone punishing me on here lol

Thanks for any suggestions and thoughts about how Bank of America will handle this.
bank of american already blocked the visa card those people charged me $380 to, i only had $2 in there

the bank took the charge off my account

they are sending me a new card in the mail, it will take 5-7 business days to receive it
i am just hoping that place doesn’t try to prove the bank i accepted charges when i was only accepting prizes, i don’t know what that manager was saying when i couldn’t hear anything

thanks, a couple of you have made me a bit calmer letting me know the bank will take care of it, i don’t have $380 right now and am planning my wedding with my fiance so we’re broke
oh, do you think the bank deals with them ( a lot? or with people like them? when they said i won, they said i was the 95th winner out of 100

i’ve known to never take calls like that, never had and did this time =( i will never do it again, like i said, i don’t know why i did it, maybe the times i am going through

i’m turning 23 in march, had my license since i got my permit when i was 15, never been in an accident, never got a ticket, and got my 1st ticket ever last week for speeding =( i am going to take the class to take the points off, but as you can see, my mind has so much on it =( i hope this fixes through the bank, i am praying it does


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  1. Loves Christmas Lights says:

    PUT A STOP NOW. Canel the card right NOW!!! Please!!You were scammed, they could start racking up charges to anything they want, oh hun you really really really do not watch tv or read the news do YOU????
    Call immediatly to the bank if they are not open call the lost cards and tell them what happend and to put an immediate stop to your card. lte them know what is the last purchase that you made was, oh I am so sorry. I do not know how they will handle this, dont waste time. Go go go into the bank and grab any money left immediatly and have them open you a new account completely. Call now, go asap!! You have been robbed. sorry call the bank or visa or mc

  2. slickmickeygal says:

    bank of america is really good with things like this. they will close that account number and set up a new one for you, and it wont take 90 days. you’ll probably have it in about 2 weeks.

  3. Somethingtotry says:

    This was definitely a typical scam. Anytime you have someone calling you asking for your credit card number or asking you to confirm your number, you are about to get ripped off.

    The good news is, the bank will take care of it. You are not liable for fraudulent charges made to your account. Just make sure they cancel the card and get you a new one. You will also have to fill out a form that says you are disputing the charges.

    Live and learn.

  4. Fernando G says:

    First, it’s a service, and you did not won, they just saw a list of products that you ordered online or on a store. I have won things like this, and have gone to hotels, attractions and even a rental car. they make their money collecting taxes and make you see their resorts and ask you to join.

    But if you don’t want to go, or feel that it’s a scam; because it,s a new transaction. just go to the bank and request a stop payment, and if you have to play as they play you… tell the bank that you have no idea what that payment is. they will put the money back or credit your account (also ask to remove any charges of insufficient funds). if the company wants to go after you, they will have to proof that it was you on the phone. (not your sister, mother, friend, enemy or so forth.)

    Next time ask them to read you the account number , from where you won. (they call you, not the other way around.)

    good luck

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