Am I being selfish or do I have a right?

April 7th, 2010

A week before Valentine’s (because of a stupid fight) my boyfriend decides to leave with his family to another country for a wedding. He did have an option of staying but b-cuz he got mad at me, he decided to go. He’s going to be gone for a month and 2 weeks and we had plans for valentine’s and everything..and he didn’t care and got up and left. Now he’s not just a boyfriend to me but my complete BEST FRIEND! So lately (before he left) he just completely stopped caring for himself, no shaving, ugly clothes, etc etc…and his family has a photo album online. So I go there and check it and he’s lookign damn good and I’m like wow my bf really looks like that?? How come he doesn’t fix himself up for me?? By the way…i got really mad at him for leaving and i told him i don’t trust him anymore becuase of what he did..he did apologize but somehow saying “sorry” does not mend a broken heart. Selfish for not wanting him to go? unreasonable about him fixing himself up?? let me know…=(

6 Responses to “Am I being selfish or do I have a right?”

  1. Infinity M says:

    You are not being selfish cause it sounds like to me that you love him and maybe you should tell him that before things get worst…

  2. SHAOKHAN_98 says:

    1) yes you are.
    2) if you love him, its warts and all.

  3. mcpouches says:

    No, I don’t think you are being selfish. Tell him how good he looks in the photos and remind him that you miss his company. One thing you need to do is talk this out with him and let him know your thoughts. You do realize how impossible things will be if you don’t start trusting him again, right? Make the most of your time apart and start things with a positive attitude when he comes back.

  4. Wendy C says:

    No, your not being selfish and you have every right to feel that way.

  5. tinagoomba says:

    No.. you aren’t being selfish at all. You were looking forward to spending time with him right? That’s not selfish, that’s thinking of someone else. He should have stayed and worked it out. That’s what having a relationship is about. You don’t just run off everytime you have a fight. I’d tell him to grow up and THEN give you a call.

  6. soapfan says:

    no you are not being selffish, he should have stayed and work it out. About the pics you should tell him that he looked great and encourage him to dress like that for you.

    good luck.

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