all inclusive wedding packages, Good deal or not?

April 22nd, 2010

there’s a hotel that is offering an all inclusive package for 5000 not including tax and service fee of course so i would assume this would really mak it about 6500 bucks, this package includes limo ride up to 10 miles from hotel. food for guest up to 200 ppl and this is a formal sit down white gloved dinner… photographer with 24 10X10 photos for the album, live musician at entrance, a dj, flowers, linens and chair covers cake and champagne toast…..

my delima is….is this really a better bargain then paying for everything separately and even with this i have to still get my dress, postage for the invites that i already have hair nails, preacher and church fee and all the regular stuff, but since no one close to me has been married where i could c things first hand, im not sure if im forgetting to consider some things, is the price good for what is offered and is this about to turn into a 10,000 wedding which is over our budget.

ADD- i could add 595.00 fee if we have the ceremony at the hotel.

please help..

thx for all answers in advance

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  1. Laura says:

    With wedding packages I think everything will be done as cheeply as possible like cheap food, cheep champage, a cake that tastes like a brick.

  2. Ms.Kawana Ya'll♥ says:

    I think it sounds like a good deal. But then again, like the guys said though, cheap price, cheap food and drink. So decide quality over quantity!!! Decide what you want!

    OH Yea. you could ask them if they would do you a tasting of all the stuff their going to be serving at the wedding. Then you can decide.Ask them say ‘it’s a good price and I jsut want to sample the food and drink that you will be serving me guests” If it’s good then go for it, sounds like a heck of a deal, but if it’s parched, don’t and if the worst part is the cake!!? THen tell them no cake and go get your own cake from someone you trust!

  3. nova_queen_28 says:

    Here are my concerns:
    the photographer. Can you upgrade that? How long do they actually take photos? how many pictures do you get? Can you get them on CD with a release to print as many as you want in sizes you want elsewhere?

    food. what are your choices? is it any good? is there a cocktail hour?

    beverages. what is included and what is not?

    I’m paying almost $9k for just food (hors d’ourves & dinner) & beverages at my reception for 150 people (before tax & gratuity) so I think $5-grand is a steal. But it might be a difference in our locations that is causing the price difference.

  4. PuggetAboutIt! says:

    It’s definitely cheaper. Ask to see and sample items to make sure the quality is acceptable. I think it’s the way to go so you won’t have to drive yourself crazy picking out the perfect napkins, tablecloths, flowers, etc.

  5. miss_nikki says:

    Some things to think about:

    1. It is a decent deal, if you can fill the 200 seats for dinner. The total price per guest is $32 a plate and that is a very good price considering that includes a lot of the costs of the reception. If you don’t have a guest list of 200, well then obviously the cost goes up for each guest because you’re still paying the $6500.
    2. In exchange for this good price you’re giving up control of quality and details. For myself, I couldn’t do that. The champagne toast will be a few drops in each glass, the linens won’t reflect your persona style or the colors of your weddingl, and everything else will be fairly generic. You have no control over the quality of the photographer or the DJ. Also, I’ve heard many stories about venues like this trying to add on additional charges (the 10 mile limo ride included going to pick you up, so now you’re over on mileage and they’re going to charge you $3 per mile).
    3. You still have to spend quite a bit of money, so maybe having a $6000 reception (no matter which way you cut it) isn’t in your budget. You still have to pay for beverage service (don’t see that as included) the night of the reception, your dress (including alterations), flowers, invitations, attendant gifts, hair and makeup, jewelry, ceremony site rental, officiant payment, tux rental for your HTB, and the cost of adding things to make the reception venue uniquely yours (centerpieces, other decorations), and the list goes on and on. I can see this easily turning into a 10,000 wedding. You will have to skimp in a lot of other areas in order to make this work.

    So a quick breakdown of what I’m saying above: For a guest list of 200 that is a pretty good deal, but you are giving up quite a bit in exchange and it’s very possible that it would still put you over budget.

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