A wedding night with a werwolf?

April 12th, 2010

The first thing I remember is I hear music playing and I’m walking down the alter. I am in vast and elaborately decorated church filled with people.
When I am done taking in the scenery around me (very old church, filled with wooden arches and pews with millions of plants adorning the place)
I lift up my veil to see a very breathtaking sight, A man with brown hair, glowing skin and big bright blue eyes.
I take a deep breath, right as I hear the words, “you may kiss the bride” and lean forward, just as our lips meet the scene changes
I’m lying on a bed in a long black gown filled with gold embroidery, it’s a very fancy night gown.
I look up as I hear footsteps coming towards me and notice it is the same man with startling blue eyes.
He leans down and lies beside me, as I instantly and happily turn my attention to him. He gives me a small kiss, and then stops.
He says “Are you sure?” I give him a definite nod.
He goes to kiss me again but stops and asks, “I’m going to tease you till you can’t bare it, that’s what I d
*that’s what I do”. Then looks at me again, I just calmly smile. The final time he goes in to kiss me he stops and tells me “I am a solider, I know the battlefield, I am a warrior, I am brutal but masterful.” I respond with just a placid relaxed stare. Then he brings me close to him, beginning to finally kiss me passionately. With in one second of so a giant werewolves crashes through the window of the room and raps his teeth around my face and neck and yells “give me the papers, the plans! I want them!” The blue eyed man exclaims, “Yes, of course, alright you can have them”, in a slightly panicked state.
Then the dream ends with the werewolf’s jaw snug around me with curtains blowing in the wind, through the broken glass and the blue eyed man looking at me with a kind and transfixed stare.
I don’t remember being afraid in the werewolf’s jaw, I just remember thinking, I can’t control this, If I die, I die… but I think I’ll be fine. So I felt no fear.
Also, this may sound weird but as soon as I was in the black gown and looked up and saw the guy my strong desire for him manifested itself into a silver aura surrounding me

4 Responses to “A wedding night with a werwolf?”

  1. *miss blue* says:

    I didn’t read it sorry, but personally i think – you can only interpret your own dreams!!

    Just have a think about it and it will eventually come to you! I had a really weird dream ages ago and tried to figure it out. It took me one month to realise what it meant.

  2. Jody says:

    You aren’t afraid anymore. whatever in your life that sucked that made you doubt yourself is either gone, or you’ve learned to trust yourself and your fate. Congratulations.

  3. glittergirl121212 says:

    For the first scene, the person who you are marrying is probaly what you picture your ideal husband to be. For the second scene, was the kissing pleasant? This predicts happiness and contentment. Was it something meaningless and insincere? Then it indicates an untrustworthy friend or disappointment in a love affair. I can’t interpret the scene about the werewolf, tho, it makes no sense, sorry….. hm….

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