Forever Friends: For Those Special Occasions in Your Life

Saturday, June 25th, 2011

Those Darn Pantyhose!

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

I need help, from those who are married preferably.?

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

For those that say that waiting till marriage to have sex is religious propaganda, what do you think of this?

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

For those of you who had an outdoor wedding, did you have a “Plan B”?

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

The Knot Complete Guide to Weddings in the Real World: The Ultimate Source of Ideas, Advice, and Relief for the Bride and Groom and Those Who Love Them.

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

Question for those that are against premarital sex?

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

Why is it that those that want same sex marriage also want…?

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

For those of you who have renewed your vows…?

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

For those of you that “waited”, was the wedding night better, how was it?

Friday, November 12th, 2010