What does a wedding dress color mean?

November 10th, 2010

I “think” white means virgin, right? So if it’s not white does that mean she’s had sex? In wedding terms what counts as “sex” ? Like does french kissing count?

What does black, crimson, and dark blue wedding dress mean? Anything?

Also does length of dress and color of tuxedo mean anything?
I gave everyone TU because somebody went crazy giving out TD for each answer.

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  1. Swaff23 says:

    black=death…. don’t wear it! >:(

  2. Natalie K says:

    White= Virgin none of which are.

    Virgin means not had sexual intercourse- kissing doesn’t count!

    Black= Hoe

    all the other stuff with the other colors doesn’t mean anything.

  3. weddingqueen says:

    That is antiquated thinking. White symbolizes joy but, really, any color wedding dress is appropriate. Color no longer is indicative of the sex life of the bride.

  4. hazel says:

    The white dress came to symbolize purity of heart and the innocence of childhood. Later attribution suggested that the colour white symbolized virginity.

  5. herblaura says:

    It means that the people like that colour/style

  6. Dex says:

    These days as far as a dress being white or off white goes, it means nothing! Traditionally a virgin bride wore white and also a veil which is a symbol of purity. These days people wear white, off white, pale pink or whatever and a veil as well, whether they are virgins or not.

    What counts as sex… well, french kissing is certainly not sex. People have different views on what is sex and what isn’t but personally, without getting too detailed so as to avoid offending anybody, I think that as far as whether or not you are a virgin goes if you haven’t had any penetration, you are definitely a virgin.

    I’m not sure about different coloured wedding dresses, sorry and length of dress and colour of tux I think are really just personal preference.

  7. Mrs♥B says:

    The color of a wedding dress means that the girl likes that color. Nothing more, nothing less. Don’t focus on the sex life of the bride, it’s weird and it doesn’t matter. It’s none of your’s or anyone else’s business anyway. Length or color of the tuxedo means that they like the length or color.

  8. nards_otc says:

    Whatever you want it to. Google up colour charts.

    White has been traditional since Queen Victoria.

    Prior to that Black was the only colour. People could only afford one dress, so they bought black, so that they could wear it to funerals. At the time there was no tradition for weddings.

  9. Leigh says:

    LOL it is nothing. White wasn’t the rage until 1840’s when Queen V wore one. Usually they wore their Sunday best. But white does mean purity, thus adding fuel to the fire to go get white. Some women prefer ivory for their skin tone, and some want to stand out in red. Just wear something nice!

  10. ITS A BOY! 2-2-10 says:

    I have to agree with Leigh.
    Im wearing a white dress with hunting camo inserts on the train and around the bustline,Im not a virgin,but I dont think anyone really pays attention to stuff like colors except for maybe grandma.

    As for french kissing it doesnt count as intercourse,which is usually refered to as sex,not even in wedding terms.
    Black is more of a mourning color,something someone wears to a funeral,but I know a couple woman who plan on getting married in black.Its all a matter of personal preference these days.
    Length of dress and color of Tux,no significance to weddings.

    Go with what you want,wear something pretty and nice and stand out from everyone else.Its yours and your husbands day to shine!

  11. Gretchen K says:

    A white wedding dress does not have anything to do with virginity, and it never started out that way. It became popular after Queen Victoria wore white, and it originally signified wealth because you had to have money to wear such an impractical color, especially in a nice, new gown. The virginity thing got tacked on later but it’s bogus and obviously means absolutely nothing now.

    A bride who wears a different color dress — whether it’s gold or red or black — simply is willing to step outside of tradition and where what she wants. The color therefore means nothing.

  12. truefirstedition says:

    Gretchen K got it exactly right. White wasn’t intended to represent sexual purity – it was a fashion statement popularized by Queen Victoria, and it showed that the bride’s family could afford to send her off in an opulent, impractical gown that she could only wear once (because streets were dirty in those days – after your wedding your gown was going to be toast). As the fashion has stuck around, people started deciding it was about purity. That doesn’t really hold any water, though. Many brides wear white simply because they consider it traditional, not to advertise the status of their hymen.

    If a bride chooses to wear white, or chooses to wear red or black or blue or whatever, it simply means she likes that color and wants to wear it on her wedding day. It’s hard to make generalizations because her choice means something to HER – not some global color symbolism.

    Here’s a fun fact – many brides in Asian countries wear red on their wedding day, because in their culture red is considered the color of joy.

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