Okay, sex without marriage is a sin, so what, ACCORDING TO THE NEW TESTAMENT, constitutes a wedding service?

November 24th, 2010

Who officiates according to the New Testament? What is to be done, what words said, according to the New Testament? I don’t want to do the wrong thing and think I am married when I am not! Surely such a critical Christian teaching must be discussed somewhere in the New Testament, since marriage is so important.
Notice I asked “according to the Neew Testament.” I am not asking your opinion, I am asking for book, chapter and verse.

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  1. Fireball226 says:

    I t can also be a Magistrate of the court.. Myself i feel marriage begins with the living together as long as you stay with him. Ive done that.

  2. Steve N says:


  3. thegreatseeker3 says:

    why do people not see the lust, and why Jesus cleans it with marriage.

    improving this as I seek the truth from God himself…. always read from KJV

    sex is a hidden sin and Lucifer is god over it, but there is a heavenly way to mate where Jesus is God over it and there is no sin in the flesh. SO my beliefs that as I see it as a man sex is a sin and marriage cleans it(but it is still a sin). You all mate in the flesh. 1 John2:15-16…his love is not there, he tells everyone this I am not among the flesh.

    there is no love between a man and a woman….because none has been given by God. Genesis 6:2. all of withch THEY chose, and no this is not about the angels given permission to have sex with the humans to breed life for the Lord…the LORD is in control. Genesis 3:9-10 says God never showed man nakedness….but who did? the snake did. Who led them to the tree? Sex is not in heaven and you have to be like the angels, says the word of God Matthew 22:30. God says seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be givin unto you….marrige is not in heaven. The Lords prayer says may his will be done on earth as it is in heaven….Marraige is not in heaven, because his will is not being done.
    This is why sex is a sin in mans eye’s….we are like the animals, not a Godly image, but the image of a beast.
    for the wisdom of sex given to man, is placed on many woman. God did not give us the desire for multiple lovers. How many dates, or mates have you had as you blindly search for the ONE or how many people have you looked at with the eye’s?

    Do you think God breeds us like animals?
    or are you a animal breeding? Saying this because there are no marriages in heaven, why? his will is suppose to be done in heaven as it is here, and it not. So as per Lots of Christians God sexually uses you to build his kingdom…why? You are a beast or a form of one, he can not allow his image as a beast. The devil is often called the beast in the bible.

    I know there is not one Guy that has been attracted to only one woman in there life. If all woman were naked, there eyes would not look at that one woman. That is why sex is a sin and is not aloud in heaven, The sexual knowledge is all over the place, put upon the FLESH. Notice Christians I did not say here on earth. For you have to marry your sin, or you will be thrown into hell.(shows God hates sex) So in a way it is like you are stealing from God, but letting God know you are stealing, and God says as long as you are married. Sex brings forth life, and God is life….you must be married, if you mate like the beast.

    do you understand my wisdom? If you knew the power of God Mat 22:29 you could have been married in heaven, but you are ALL blind(unless you listen) , and lost a treasure in heaven. Take this up in prayer and search for the answer yourself(if you even care about heaven). For the eye’s can look at one, you just need God to tune them to her(or him) and look as per Genesis 6:5 we are near the time the whole earth was flooded..or sol om and glamora. Because the devil OWNS SEX….many woman with the eye’s….I know I can not look at one woman sexually if they were naked, expecually if she was a slim, beauty. MANY….GOD is the way to one…. and you need to seek a lot to receive this favour from God.

  4. eliz_esc says:

    As long as you are married according to the laws of the land you live in. Customs vary by country and time period. This is not specified in the Bible.

  5. Ronnie B T says:

    Nope, not discussed. The actual ceremony is both a religious and a lawfull ceremony. In some countries, if you repeat you are married 7 times or something, you are considered to be married. In our country, USA. There is a marriage penalty on taxes. But we should be married according to the law of where we live, and stay with her or him and support the kids.

  6. debbiepittman says:

    The Bible requires that we obey the superior authorities (human governments) as long as it does not require disobeying God/Bible commands. Romans 13.

    There is no requirement for a religious wedding. There is no wedding ceremony in the NT.

    A civil ceremony with the wedding license from the state is all that is required.

    In the righteous new earth, Matthew 5:5, Daniel 2:44, Matthew 6:10, when human governments do not exist to make their money and taxes off these procedures, even that will not be required.

    A couple then will simply have to move in together and begin their lives. A mere announcement to the Christian congregation is sufficient. Rules of divorce would apply, only adultery freeing a couple for remarriage.

    1 Cor. 7:10, 11, Matthew 5:31, 32 and area.


  7. CC2759 says:

    I cant give you a book and verse but can assure you that it is somewhere in Paul’s letters. However, tradition tells us that you must be married in any Christian church for the marriage to be valid in God’s eyes.

  8. Eddie says:

    The New Testament does not dictate a marriage ceremony, or for that matter, any religious ceremony or place for a wedding.

    The requirement is that you intend to keep your life-long promise to your spouse, regardless of how you get hitched.

  9. www.peacebyjesus says:

    Very good — and serious — question.

    The Bible reveals that marriage is not strictly an ecclesiastical function, otherwise all non Christian or non religious ceremonies would be invalid. Thus not explicit religious ritual for the marriage ceremony is set down, though it ideally should be done in that context

    In studying marriages of men and women of the Bible such as Issac and Jacob (Genesis 24; 29), marriage is revealed as a personal and social contract between not only one’s opposite gender spouse (no where is homosexual unions blessed with the provision of marriage,leaving all such to be unholy and perverse fornication), but between the parents and community. Once you contracted with the parents of the bride, called being “betrothed,” and especially after you consummated the marriage, then it was understood that you were bonded to her and would take care of her as long as she was your wife, which is supposed to be for life.

    And while under Moses a wider provision for divorce was made, this was not God’s original plan, which the Lord Jesus called us back to (Mt. 19:19).

    Roman Catholicism, acting consistent with it’s unBiblical autocratic papacy, supposes that they can put asunder what almighty God has joined together (Gn. 2:24) by granting “annulments,” which means that there never was a marriage, based upon such things as “physic incompatibilities.” This potentially means that millions of Catholics are presently living in fornication! But in the Bible entering into the covenant of marriage was a marriage, even in the case of Uncle Laban’s “bait and switch” (Gn. 29:20-25), and the only way out, as Jesus said, is in the case of infidelity (Mt. 19:9) which may refer to during the betrothal period, or possibly because of permanent desertion (1Cor. 7:15).

    Sometimes there were no parents to contract a wife with, but the community understood you did not enter into sexual union unless and until you entered into that solemn covenant.

    Sexual union before entering into this contract as sin and scandalous, and for a women to enter into such was to have “played the harlot” (Gn. 38:24). And to represent oneself as a virgin and then marry could be a capital offense (Dt. 22:13-21) if the husband so chose, as it meant that she was playing a harlot while living in her fathers house. Adultery was punishable by death* .And if a man sexually seduced an unbetrothed virgin, then he had to marry her and could never put her away, (Dt. 22:22-29).

    The idea of young people shopping around for a wife (if they even get married) like a pair of boots as today was contrary to the Bible, and most others cultures as well, and a nation that was given to such (as the US is**) was under condemnation and headed for damnation. And even more surely when homosexuality is approved and prevalent (Rm. 1)!

    As we see in texts as Genesis 24, 29 and 1Cor. 7:36-38, it was the father who had final say over whom his daughter married, and who usually stayed with her parents until she was hitched.

    Also in Gn. 29:4 and Jn. 2, we see that marriage was a community celebration.

    And in a spiritual sense God was married to Israel, with whom He had made a everlasting covenant with (beginning with Abraham), and likewise Christ is married to the church, those who have covenanted with Him to be the Lord and and Savior, because He paid for their salvation with His own blood sinless shed blood, and rose to glory.

    And those that are not shall not see life but that wrath of God abideth upon them (Jn. 3:36).

    (Heb 13:4) “Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.”

    (Rev 21:8) “But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.”

    (Acts 3:19) “Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord;”

  10. Shelley Soden Crocker says:

    Excellent question.I myself have been in contact with my Pastor and I’m scheduled to meet with him this week to discuss what constitutes a marriage according to the Bible.I have been living and committed to the same man for 16 years. We have not married because I will lose my SSI ( I’m on permanent disability) And his salary is not enough to support both of us.Most importantly I would lose my medical benefits. I rededicated my life to God in 2005 and took a vow of celibacy at that time and have kept it. I do want to do some kind of Public and but most importantly Spiritual ( to God) commitment ceremony and this is what I’m waiting to discuss with my Pastor.I know such ceremonies, Commitment ceremonies exist, but i don’t know if God recognizes these dedications. My partner is Catholic, we are both Christians, my church is nondenominational. I will let you know my Pastors’ take on this subject after our meeting. Thank you for your very pertinent question as it also pertains to my life circumstance as well.

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