Is it possible for a Catholic man and a Jehovah’s Witness woman to be wed by the Catholic Church?

December 22nd, 2010

If not would being married by the state, a civil wedding, and having sex after marriage by the state be considered unmarital sex by the Catholic Church?

Just making a note, im a very religious person, and i’d prefer staying out of hell, but if i had to choice between not marrying her and going to heaven and marrying her and going to hell, i’d choose to marry her

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  1. Gods child says:

    I believe that you can as long as when you have kids you raise them catholic. I believe this is the criteria. I would ask your priest

  2. Bill P says:

    Please clarify………..when you said BY the church did you mean
    like in the parking lot with a JP? Or were you referring to a legal
    rite performed inside the building by clergy?
    I gotta think about this a while…………
    I heard a catholic priest say, “the devil – there ain’t none!”
    So there probably ain’t no hell either.
    GO FOR IT!
    But remember your wife won’t let you celebrate Christmas or
    your birthday or other holidays.

  3. natasha r says:

    The apostle Paul warned Christians: “Do not become unevenly yoked with unbelievers.” (2 Corinthians 6:14) What is the meaning of the phrase “do not become unevenly yoked”? Some Bible translations render those words “do not team up,” “do not try to work together as equals,” or “stop forming inappropriate relationships.” At what point does a relationship with a person become inappropriate? When does it cross the line and become an uneven yoking? God’s Word, the Bible, can direct your step in this situation.

    Consider the example of Jesus, who from creation onward had a love for humans. (Proverbs 8:31) While on earth, he forged a close bond with his followers. (John 13:1) He even “felt love” for a man who was religiously misguided. (Mark 10:17-22) But Jesus also set clear boundaries regarding his choice of close companions. He formed no close ties with people who were not sincerely interested in doing his Father’s will. On one occasion, Jesus stated: “You are my friends if you do what I am commanding you.” (John 15:14) True, you may get along well with a particular workmate. But ask yourself: ‘Is this person willing to do what Jesus commands? Does he or she want to learn about Jehovah, the one whom Jesus instructed us to worship? Does he or she have the same moral standards that I as a Christian have?’ (Matthew 4:10) As you talk with this person and insist on applying Bible standards, the answers to these questions will be evident.

    At 2 Corinthians 6:14, we read: “Do not become unevenly yoked with unbelievers.” If we look at the context, it is evident that Paul is speaking of individuals who are clearly no part of the Christian congregation. This understanding is supported by other Bible verses that record Paul’s use of the term “unbeliever” or “unbelievers.”

    The principle found at 2 Corinthians 6:14 is a valuable guide for Christians in all areas of life and has often been quoted as providing wise counsel for Christians seeking a marriage mate. (Matthew 19:4-6) A dedicated, baptized Christian wisely does not seek a marriage mate among those who are unbelievers, since the values, goals, and beliefs of unbelievers are so different from those of a true Christian.

    So if she’s living her life according to the bible, marriage is out of the question with a non Jehovah’s Witness. I’m not one to judge, but most JW’s DON’T marry outside the organization.

  4. Sidwell says:

    I dont see why not as long as the JW agrees to bring the children up in the CATHOLIC faith. If they cant agree to that, then the priests will not marry them.

    I am married to a catholic, I was raised a non-catholic.
    While we dont go to church, my son does go to a catholic school.

  5. tHE THRONE rOOm(TOP 10 TC) R&S ! says:


    It Is (NOT) possible for a Catholic man and a Jehovah’s Witness woman to “be wed” in the Catholic Church !

    At Least From the View-Point of there Being a “Successful” & Happy Marraige that Will (ENDURE) !

  6. imacatholic2 says:


    The Catholic Church allows marriage between Catholics and non-Catholics.

    Because the Church recognizes the tremendous challenge that the interfaith couple will face, they may have to get permission from the bishop.

    For more information, see the Catechism of the Catholic Church, sections 1633-1637:

    With love in Christ.

  7. inlakesh073 says:

    If you marry a JW you’ll be sooooorrrryyyyy! Don’t say nobody warned you.

  8. cmhelp1 says:

    Wow what a match!

    I wonder if you two would have problems of your own down the road if you were to get married.

    Since the Witnesses don’t believe in the Trinity, blood transfusions, pagan rituals and festivals (Xmas and Easter), praying to Saints and the dead Mary, a burning hell, or that Jesus is God in the flesh – in addition to teaching that He is the archAngel, Michael.

    The two religions don’t go hand in hand do they?

    I think that it is not the fact that you want to marry someone of a different faith, but that the problem is neither of your religions are following the Almighty God’s Word in worshiping Him.

    Both of you should test your religions to the Word of God and see if either of you are doing what is requested by God the Almighty in worship and honor to Him.

    I guess the real question here is; ‘Do you want to be accepted by man, or by the Almighty?’

    Be Blessed:-)

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